Instant credit transfers

Instant credit transfers

We and a number of partner banks are working together to provide instant credit transfers in Belgium and the rest of Europe.
See our FAQs for quick answers to your questions.

What are instant credit transfers?

Instant credit transfers are carried out and processed immediately. If you are a payee, this means you receive your money in seconds and the amount in question appears on your account right away. They can be made 24/7, including at night and weekends and on public and bank holidays.

Instant credit transfers are only available through banks participating in this scheme. Sixteen Belgian banks have committed to launching them, making some 90% of current accounts in Belgium available for the service. Instant credit transfers can currently be made between accounts held with KBC Bank, CBC Banque, KBC Brussels, Argenta, Bank de Kremer, Bank J. Van Breda & C°, Bank Nagelmackers, Belfius Bank, BNP Paribas Fortis, CPH Banque, Crelan, Europabank, Fintro, Hello bank!, ING Belgium and vdk bank.
A growing list of banks in Belgium will offer this service going forward.

Why are we introducing instant credit transfers?

You expect a real-time view of your incoming and outgoing payments, the balance of your accounts and your available working capital. So, the faster transfers are processed, the more accurate that view will be.


Since when have instant credit transfers been available in Belgium?

We’ve been offering instant credit transfers using our Touch, Mobile and K’Ching apps and non-cash-dispensing ATMs since early 2019. Instant credit transfers using our Business Dashboard service and KBC Business app will follow later this year, so your transfers that way will soon also be made in seconds.
You can already receive instant credit transfers to your business accounts (since early 2019).

Has anything changed for ordinary transfers?

In the run-up to instant transfers, we’re processing all ordinary transfers faster. All SEPA credit transfers registered* before 12 noon on a weekday** arrive at the beneficiary bank on the same day at no extra charge. This applies to all SEPA credit transfers from Belgian KBC accounts that cannot be processed immediately, including individual transfers and batched payments.

* A transfer is registered when it's been sent to KBC, been correctly signed and the amount can be deducted from the account.
** Every weekday apart from 1 January, Good Friday, Easter Monday, 1 May, and 25 and 26 December.

Is the 'urgent' option still needed for an ordinary transfer?

SEPA credit transfers from a Belgian KBC account will be credited to the beneficiary bank on the same day if the transaction is registered* before 12 noon on a weekday. That means you no longer need to select 'urgent' (a paid add-on) before 12 noon for individual transfers and batched payments. If you want a transfer made after 12 noon to arrive at the beneficiary bank on the same day (on a banking day), you must tick the 'urgent' option and pay a fee.

* A transfer is registered when it's been sent to KBC, been correctly signed and the amount can be deducted from the account.
** Every weekday apart from 1 January, Good Friday, Easter Monday, 1 May, and 25 and 26 December.

Does anything change for ordinary transfers?

As of mid-2019, we’ll also process ordinary transfers faster. SEPA credit transfers submitted before 12 noon on a weekday* will arrive at the payee’s bank on the same day, one business day faster than is currently the case. This applies to all SEPA credit transfers that can’t be processed right away, including individual transfers using Business Dashboard and batched payments.

* Every weekday apart from 1 January, Good Friday, Easter Monday, 1 May, and 25 and 26 December.

When will corporate customers be able to make instant transfers?

In the autumn of 2019, individual instant credit transfers will be available through our Online for Business and Reach services on the Business Dashboard, as well as in our KBC Business app. That applies to all individual SEPA credit transfers between the Belgian banks and with other European banks. Changes to batched payments are also in the pipeline.

What are the benefits?

You can make and receive payments instantly 24/7/365, making the money available to you or your counterparty in seconds.

What do instant credit transfers cost?

We don’t charge for this service, which is also completely free of charge for our corporate customers.

Is there a maximum transaction amount for instant credit transfers?

In Belgium, unlike other European countries, no general payment limit will be imposed for instant credit transfers between Belgian banks. Participating banks can set their own limits for their customers, so transaction limits may vary from bank to bank. When setting them, we’ll take the expectations and needs of our customers into consideration.


Are instant credit transfers also possible outside Belgium?

The European Banking Association and European Central Bank are working on it, so we should be able to offer instant credit transfers across Europe later this year. Similar schemes exist in some of the non-euro countries in Europe.

Can international KBC branch customers also transfer money instantly?

Instant credit transfers only apply to accounts held in Belgium. Accounts with our international branches aren’t currently included, but will be at a later date.

Will there be any CODA-related changes?

No, not for the time being. You’ll continue to get your account statements through the same CODA messages.

Aren’t instant credit transfers already available through my accounting software?

We don’t currently support batched instant credit transfers, even though your accounting software may be telling you differently.

Learn more about instant credit transfers

Find out more about instant transfers on the website of the European Payments Council.

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