KBC Bank NV Italia provides commercial banking services to companies in Italy. As part of the KBC Group headquartered in Brussels, we have the backing, expertise and resources to deliver value-added solutions to our clients by leveraging KBC’s market-leading networks across Belgium and Central Europe (CE).

The commercial banking unit based in Italy specialises in managing KBC group relationships in and outside of our home markets of Belgium, Hungary, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Similarly, the branch offers an invaluable, and specialised platform for those companies in Italy that conduct business with, and in, these home market countries.

This is a KBC Commercial Banking branch and only provides services to companies. Are you a private person? Then surf to this page.

Unique product offer

The Italian branch works the same way as all other KBC subsidiaries.

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1. We speak your language

Not just literally, but figuratively too. And there's no need for introductions. Our specialists are already well familiar with your company and business model thanks to close cooperation with their CE and Belgian colleagues. Our local staff works only for KBC group's home clients.

2. Italian environment

We'll ease your administrative load by helping you navigate the regulatory Italian environment.

We network with the local business, government and diplomatic community to defend your interests.

3. Services

Based on all your Payment and Lending needs, including Credits, Bank Guarantees and other Trade Finance services, we look at tailor-made solutions together with you.


The prime focus of our office located at 14 Via Dante in Milan is providing payment and working capital solutions. It is conveniently situated in the centre of town, between the Duomo and the Sforza Castle.

Via Dante 14
20121 Milan

Branch governed and coordinated by KBC Bank NV (Belgium)

  • Joris Bijdekerke - Branch Manager
  • Eric Vergnière - Head of Network Desk - T +39 028 417 7400
  • Customer Service Desk - T. +39 02 841177296 – F. +39 02 84177434 –  -
  • Data Protection Officer

Need some help? Do not hesitate to contact us.  

  • KBC Touch
    • Phone: (Belgium) +32 16 43 25 19 (mon-fri 08:00-17:00 GMT+1 and Sat 09:00-17:00 GMT+1)
    • E-mail:
  • KBC Mobile
    • Phone: (Belgium) +32 16 43 25 19 (mon-fri 08:00-17:00 GMT+1 and Sat 09:00-17:00 GMT+1)
    • E-mail: kbc.helpdesk@kbc;be
  • KBC Business Dashboard, KBC-Online for Business of KBC Business
  • Isabel
    • Phone: +32 16 43 25 16 (mon-fri 08:00-17:00 GMT+1) 
    • E-mail:

Need to fax something? +32 3 283 39 50


Questa sezione fornisce i principali documenti informativi relativi ai prodotti e servizi bancari offerti da KBC Bank NV Italia, in ossequio alle disposizioni di Banca di Italia in tema di trasparenza delle operazioni e dei servizi bancari e finanziari. Questi documenti possono essere consultati e salvati; i medesimi documenti sono disponibili gratuitamente anche presso la sede Italiana della KBC Bank NV Italia.

This section provides the main information documents related to banking products and services offered by KBC Bank NV Italia in accordance with the transparency regulations of Bank of Italy related to the transparency of banking and financing operations and services.
These documents can be consulted and saved; they are also made available free of charge at the Italian branch of KBC Bank NV Italia.


In caso di controversia, il Cliente potrà presentare reclamo secondo le modalità indicate in questa sezione.

IIn case of a dispute, the Customer can fill in a complaint to KBC Bank NV Italia according to the instructions set forth in this section.

Informazioni sulla protezione dei depositi (Information on the protection of deposits)