Mobility Week: KBC Autolease offers you a whole range of mobility solutions

From 16 to 22 September, we're celebrating Mobility Week all across Europe. More and more people are giving serious thought to how they get around these days, which is why it's important for your business to adapt its mobility options accordingly. KBC Autolease is happy to lend you a hand here, so why not talk to us and see what we can do for you.

Bicycle leasing: good for the environment and your tax bill

Fietsleasing week van mobiliteit

Everyone is hopping on their bikes these days, and not just for fun. More and more of us now commute by bike.

Tax-advantaged formulas (salary exchange scheme, end-of-year bonus, ...) make bicycle leasing an attractive option for your employees without affecting your budget as their employer.

Your employee chooses the bike at one of our 650 bicycle dealers and gets to benefit from various services such as maintenance, comprehensive insurance and breakdown assistance.

What’s more, our digital processes guarantee simplicity and speed. The fact that the KBC Bicycle Leasing systems are directly linked to the bicycle dealer's POS system ensures that the quote and ordering processes are fully digital. Your employee will receive a personal barcode containing an automatic lease quote that’s in line with your company's bicycle leasing policy.

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A comprehensive solution for electric vehicles

KBC Autolease will be happy to help you make the transition to electric. We offer a comprehensive solution for electric vehicles, with your lease contract also including a charging station (installation included), a subscription, vehicle charging and a charging card.

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Our ‘Guide to Driving Electric Vehicles’ will point your employees in the right direction

Going electric on the road is a big step for many. Is an electric vehicle for me and how do I choose the right car? Should I go for a home charging station or not? These are just some of the many questions people asks themselves before starting their journey towards electrification. Your employees can find clear information, videos and a comprehensive set of FAQs on everything related to electric driving at They can use the interactive simulator to find out in five easy steps which electric car fits their profile.

Multi-mobility courtesy of the one-of-a-kind Olympus Mobility app

Fietsleasing week van mobiliteit

The Olympus Mobility app allows you to easily integrate public transport and vehicle sharing (bicycles and cars) into your employees' multi-mobility package.

Even on-street parking will be made easier. This allows your employees to use their time more efficiently, while the app also simplifies your administration as their employer.

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