Get cycling faster with your barcode!

Use your personal barcode to easily receive your bicycle lease quote in no time

Get cycling faster with your barcode!

Use your personal barcode to easily receive your bicycle lease quote in no time

If you opt for a KBC Bicycle Leasing contract, we’ll be happy to get you on your bicycle as soon as possible. We’ll process your quote and order digitally, saving you a considerable amount of time. You can get to grips with the details below.


Pick your bicycle

If you have no idea which bicycle to choose or what kind of budget you can manage, our KBC MoveSmart calculator gives you a clear idea of the options available for your lease budget. There’s wide range of top brands to choose from.


Your bicycle lease starts with your barcode

Your personal barcode is the key to fast and efficient service, ensuring that you receive an automatic lease quote in line with your employer's bicycle lease policy. Follow this step-by-step guide to find your barcode in KBC MoveSmart.


Take your barcode to the bicycle dealer

This map shows your local bicycle dealers. Show your barcode to one of these bicycle dealers and ask for a quote. Your bicycle dealer will scan the barcode and you’ll get your lease quote in KBC MoveSmart right away. 


Approve your lease quote in KBC MoveSmart

This step-by-step guide explains exactly what you need to do. Once you’ve done this, your Mobility Manager will validate your lease quote and KBC Autolease will place your order with the bicycle dealer.


Track your order using MoveSmart in KBC Mobile

Track your order, view the maintenance history of your bicycle and get breakdown assistance. Do this and much more with KBC MoveSmart in KBC Mobile.

Do all bicycle dealers use this digital process?

Unfortunately, while KBC Autolease continues to expand the number of digital bicycle dealers, there are still some who process everything manually. Make sure you bring your unique barcode to these bicycle dealers as well. If your bicycle dealer is unable to scan the barcode, they will need to send your bicycle quote to We will then add your lease quote to KBC MoveSmart as soon as we can. 

KBC Autolease cycle rescue

Get our lease bike breakdown cover. Our 24/7 service will come to your roadside rescue and fix your bike. Learn more.

Comprehensive bicycle insurance for your lease bike

Check out the most important info about the comprehensive bicycle insurance of KBC Autolease.

Maintaining your KBC lease bike

Our lease bikes include an annual service, which keeps your bike in top shape so you can enjoy carefree cycling. Learn more.


The handy service in KBC Mobile that supports you from the moment you order your lease car or bike