Maintaining your KBC lease bike

All you need to know about your annual service

Maintaining your KBC lease bike

All you need to know about your annual service

Our lease bikes include an annual service, which keeps your bike in top shape so you can enjoy carefree cycling.

What’s included in your annual service?

  • General maintenance: fittings, cables and tensions check; maintenance products and small parts (like lubricants), tyre pressure inspection and adjustment (no replacements)
  • Brakes: inspection and adjustments, including replacing brake cables and pads if required
  • Gears: gear mechanism and cable check (replacing cables if necessary) and front and rear gear adjustments
  • Wheels: hub and spoke tension adjustments, replacement of broken spokes, wheel centring
  • Drivetrain: checking that the bottom bracket, chain and gears work properly; adjusting, degreasing and lubricating the bottom bracket, chain and gears

Good to know for ex-works bikes
You can have the brake cables, brake block pads, gear cables and light bulbs (not the light fittings) replaced outside the annual service to ensure safe use of the bike.

What’s not included in the annual service?

Any items not listed above that you want to have checked or repaired are paid by you directly to the bike dealer.

That includes:

  • Repair and replacement of inner tubes or tyres
  • Repair of damage caused by improper use, negligence, collision, accidents or falls, vandalism, and manufacturing defects
  • Maintenance and repair of components, optional features and accessories that weren’t supplied and fitted by accredited bicycle suppliers
  • Wear and tear of components such as gears, cartridges, tyres, front forks and gearboxes like those made by Pinion and Rohloff

Are warranty claims included in your annual service and who deals with them?

KBC Autolease transfers all rights of recourse with regard to the warranty to you during the term of the lease contract, so you’ll need to contact your bike dealer for any claims under warranty.

Where do you go for your annual service?

Your lease bike must be serviced at the dealership that supplied it. They have the necessary equipment, knowledge and experience to get your bike back into top shape.

If they discover any wear-and-tear problems or issues covered under warranty while servicing your bike, they can solve them faster than any other dealer.

Do you have to pay anything for your annual service?

Everything that’s included in your annual service (see first question) costs you nothing at the bike dealership.

All other things you pay for yourself, such as worn parts needing to be replaced (including tyres and gears).

If your bike is also for personal use, we recommend including repair of wear-and-tear parts in your lease contract.

Can you have your annual service done at another bike dealership?

You should not change bike dealers without speaking to us first. Each dealer specialises in certain brands, has been specially trained for this purpose and has the right equipment to work with them.

That’s why we require you to go to the dealership where you bought your bike. If you’re forced to go to another dealership due to moving house or for emergency reasons, please contact us at We’ll be happy to help find the best solution for you.

If you go to another dealership without letting us know, you may be charged for servicing or other costs.

More info?

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