Receiving payments

Receiving payments

KBC Business

Documentary collection

Protect your international transactions by using documentary collection for imports and exports.

KBC Corporate Account

The current account for professional transactions, easy to expand with any services and products you require.

Avalised bill of exchange

Increase the chance of collecting your invoice payments? The avalised bill of exchange offers a great many benefits.

Analysis for a smooth cash flow

Suppliers demand swift payment, but your customers pay late? KBC assesses your cash flow and finds solutions.

KBC supports Bioracer in its foreign e-commerce

Receivables management and factoring

Vasco Group conquers Europe

‘Cash-pooling and digital tools like KBC Reach mean we can quickly shift up a gear.’

Get paid securely

Export projects? Solid support and the right trade finance solutions provide security and peace of mind.

The payment page for your web shop

The KBC-Paypage lets customers decide how they want to pay for their online purchases from your web shop. It makes shopping an enjoyable experience and also offers benefits for you.

SIG Air Handling

A web shop where you can pay quickly and easily is not only convenient for retail customers. SIG Air Handling demonstrates this.

What is SEPA?

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