Making payments

Making payments

VAB Fuel Card

Fancy a discount every time you fill up? Learn all about the transparent and convenient VAB Fuel Card.

What is SEPA?

All transactions within the SEPA zone are conducted in the same way. Find out what this means for your firm.

KBC Invoicing Services

KBC Business

A day in the life of…

The KBC branch in Hong Kong is small but offers clients from this part of the world all the services they need over there.

Cash service

Withdrawing or depositing cash, arranging cash collection or delivery: it’s never been so quick and simple.

KBC Sign

Log in to the KBC Business Dashboard using your phone

KBC Business Dashboard: applying for a new debit card


Connect & Pay

Instant credit transfers

Documentary collection

Protect your international transactions by using documentary collection for imports and exports.

How will Brexit impact your payments?

How will Brexit impact your payments?