Rekeningen en kaarten

KBC Business Pro

  • Keep personal and business accounts separate
  • View balances and transactions in real time
  • Get extra cards

KBC Debit Card

  • Pay with ease anywhere
  • Pay by contactless
  • Efficiently manage things online

KBC Mastercard Business Essential

    Worldwide payment convenience

    Simple to use

    Quick and easy online application process

KBC Mastercard Business Extra

Pay quickly and securely online or in shops throughout the world. Manage the settings for your KBC Mastercard Business Extra yourself.

Business accounts in KBC Touch

As a business owner, you can manage your business accounts even better in KBC Touch. Numerous features and options offer additional convenience.

KBC Business Prepaid Card

The Business Prepaid Card has the properties of a credit card, but you load it in advance. It means you never go into the red, but still enjoy the benefits of a credit card.

VAB Fuel Card & VAB Hybrid Card

  • Get discounts when you fill up
  • Clear transaction summary
  • Online ability to apply

Beheer en gebruik

Using your business credit card

Considering using your business credit card abroad? Wondering how to change your PIN? Have other questions? Find out all about using your KBC business credit card.

Account statements

Check your bank statements online going back 10 years. Prefer paper statements? Print them easily.

What is SEPA? Making and receiving uniform payments

  • SEPA stands for Single Euro Payments Area
  • Fuss-free payments in Europe
  • Uniform payment methods

Cash online bestellen

Ordering euro banknotes and coins online

Do you need cash for your business? There's no need to use KBC automatic banking facilities. You can order online anywhere and at any time.

Ordering foreign currency online

Choose from a number of different foreign currencies and collect your order from the branch of your choice.