Business banking on your phone

With KBC Mobile

Business banking on your phone

With KBC Mobile

Use one app for business and personal payments

See your personal and business accounts with us and other banks at a glance.

Bank 24/7 and do more besides

That includes requesting revolving credit, opening a new business account, applying for an extra credit card and paying for parking.

900.000 users

Over 900.000 people use our Mobile app for their everyday banking.

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What is KBC Mobile?

Our free Mobile app lets you manage your business and personal banking in no time on your phone. And you can do much more than just making payments. Get all the benefits of our app today.

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Get all the benefits

Transfer money, check the status of your accounts and sign contracts without needing your card reader. All you need is your phone and personal access code. We make it easy! Our app’s scanner feature lets you pay bills fast using your phone’s camera.


Transfers from your business account or KBC Plus Account are now made as standard in the fastest way possible the same or next day.

Our Mobile app shows you the status of your business and personal accounts at a glance. You can also add accounts with other banks for a full view of all your accounts.

A separate tab in the app shows you the balance available to you right away, including your account balance, reserved amounts and overdraft facilities.

  • See everything clearly with colour-coded accounts
    Your business accounts are shown in dark blue above and personal accounts in light blue below, so it’s easy to see which is which.
  • Tag payees to find them fast
    Tag who you’re paying as a ‘personal’ or ‘business’ beneficiary, so you can always find them in a flash.
  • Get added credit flexibility
    Quickly apply for a  KBC Business Budget Facility that lets you overdraw your business account if you need to. You can also finance tax prepayments with a KBC Tax Pre-Payment Plan to get tax relief.
  • Open a business account
    Get an account for your business in no time to make it even easier to keep your personal and business transactions separate.

  • Add a credit card
    Also like a partner or employee to be able to make payments for your business? Request another business credit card in just a few taps.
  • Pay for parking
    Pay parking fees using our Mobile app’s 4411 feature, so you never have to worry about not having cash or the right change on you. See how it works.

  • Check your meal voucher balance
    Get Monizze meal, eco and gift vouchers? Check your balance using our Mobile app. See how it works.

  • Buy a bus or tram ticket
    Travel often by De Lijn public transport? Buy m-tickets right from our app.

Get KBC Mobile

Get an at-a-glance view of all your accounts

Questions or problems?

Have questions about or need help with our app? Contact us or see our FAQs.

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