VAB Fuel Card

The benefits

VAB Fuel Card

The benefits

Get discounts when you fill up

Every time you fill up, you get a tidy discount.

Clear transaction summary

Monthly summaries of your transactions for each car or fuel card.

Automatic payment

Payment is automatically deducted each month by direct debit.

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Why choose a VAB Fuel Card?

The VAB Fuel Card gives you a double benefit. You get a nice discount at every fill-up, and you receive a clear monthly statement showing all transactions per vehicle or per fuel card within your business.  You pay every month by direct debit from your KBC account. It couldn't be easier!

How much is the discount?

There are two fuel cards you can use:

  • VAB Multi-Brand Fuel Card: 5 eurocents discount per litre, excluding VAT
  • VAB Esso Fuel Card: 5 eurocents discount per litre, excluding VAT

Where can you use the Fuel Card?

  • VAB Multi-Brand Fuel Cards can be used at over 1,200 filling stations in Belgium (Esso, Q8, Texaco, Lukoil, Avia, Power, Gabriëls and Maes stations). They can also be used throughout Europe at filling stations where you see the DKV sign, apart from Total stations.
  • VAB Esso Fuel Cards can be used in 254 Esso filling stations in Belgium.

Fees and charges

  • Invoicing
  • Paper billing: 45 euros a year
  • Electronic billing: 25 euros a year
  • Card fee: 15 euros a year

VAB station locator

If you have an Esso or Multi-Brand Fuel Card, get the VAB Station Locator app to help you find a nearby filling station quickly.

Here you can find the regulations of the VAB Multi-Brand Fuel card.

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