Cars, vans and agricultural vehicles


Cars, vans and agricultural vehicles

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Most popular company vehicle loans

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What’s the difference between leasing and renting?

Leasing and renting allow you to use a company car or another item of movable property without being the owner. The difference between leasing and renting is explained here.

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Finance lease

It’s easy to have KBC finance your car via leasing. Find out all there is to know.


Renting can help you finance your car. Discover all the benefits.

Full Service Car Leasing

KBC Full Service Car Leasing enables you to finance your company car, while also covering repairs, maintenance, tyres, insurance, breakdown assistance, replacement vehicle, etc.

Investment Credit

  • Finance your company car and business equipment
  • Simple digital application process
  • Benefit from a top-value rate


Draw down and sign for business credit by app

How to draw down your credit or a straight loan digitally?

Signing your business loan in KBC Touch

How to draw down your KBC Investment Credit