KBC Business

  • Mobile banking for KBC Business Dashboard
  • Sign contracts and payments quickly and securely on your smartphone
  • View your business accounts wherever and whenever you want
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What is KBC Business?

KBC Business is a free app for businesses that are already using the KBC Business Dashboard. This app allows you to securely manage your company's banking on your smartphone wherever and whenever you want. If you’re a corporate customer, read on.


The benefits at a glance

KBC Business allows you to securely manage your company’s banking, which is to say that banking with the KBC Business app is just as secure and reliable as banking on your computer.

Check the balance of and transactions on your domestic and foreign accounts with us wherever and whenever you want. For domestic accounts, you can also look up transactions going back up to a year and cancel scheduled payments.


Easily approve files and payment orders created in the KBC Business Dashboard or with Isabel 6.

Thanks to KBC Business, you can easily take care of SEPA payments to your own accounts and those of third parties. The table below gives you an overview of the standard limits in place. Your profile view also lets you check your limits per day and per transaction. These can be changed at your KBC branch.


  Limite de transaction standard Limite journalière standard
Transfers between your own accounts Unlimited Unlimited
Transfers to unknown beneficiaries 2.500 euros 2.500 euros
Transfers to known beneficiaries 10.000 euros 10.000 euros
Signing individual payments 100.000 euros 100.000 euros
Signature de fichiers 100.000 euros 100.000 euros

In the KBC Business Dashboard, there are different limits depending on the powers of attorney you have been granted.


View your spending details and enable your card to make online purchases or be used in the US.

KBC Business allows you speak with the right KBC staff member directly and see their full name, so you always know who you’re talking to. You can ask your question in the Communication Centre and get an answer in the app, which means you always have support and advice available.

Get started with KBC Business

Interested? Let’s get started!

You can get started with KBC Business in 3 steps:

  • Ask the administrator of your KBC Business Dashboard to add you as a KBC Business user
  • You receive your activation codes
  • Download KBC Business and log in

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