Online banking with us at a glance

Online banking with us at a glance

Compare all the ways you can bank online with us

Banking online for your business couldn't be easier with us. Manage your business banking on your computer, tablet or smartphone 24/7 – wherever you are. Compare our digital banking services and find the ones that fit your needs.

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Business and personal Business only Business and personal Business only
Works on Computer (Windows/Mac), tablet (Android/iOS) Computer (Windows/Mac), tablet (requires KBC Sign for Business app) Smartphone (Android/iOS/Windows) Smartphone (Android/iOS)
View account details

Daily transfer limit

As required As required 1,000 euros with PIN, higher amounts possible with card. 10.000 euros

Integrates with accounting software

View and print reports

Unlimited number of transfers, incl. outside Europe  
Arrange and manage loans and credit
Instant credit transfers
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