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How can I finance a real estate purchase?

There are various funding solutions if you decide to build or buy a property in the name of your business. Even if you decide to renovate a commercial property, for example, you can still apply for real estate finance. KBC offers four different ways to buy land, build or renovate your own business premises.

To help you decide which type of credit is best suited to your needs, we’ve provided a detailed comparison of the different options below:

Investment Credit Roll-Over Line of Credit


Building and/or land Building and/or land

Renovation work

Minimum credit amount

None 250,000 euros (credit line amount) - 10,000 euros (principal repayment amount)

Interest rate

Variable or fixed Margin on Euribor

Can be drawn down online

Other features of note

Roll-over credit

  • Switch to an investment credit free of charge

Credit line with straight loans

  • Drawdowns must be for at least 50,000 euros

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Remission of debt insurance

Protect your family or company with life insurance linked to your business credit facility. The full debt is waived if you die.

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Roll-Over Line of Credit

  • Finance commercial investments
  • Draw it down when liquidity needs arise
  • Interest rate fixed for each drawdown