Investment Credit

For purchasing business equipment, company cars and real estate

Investment Credit

For purchasing business equipment, company cars and real estate

Fixed or variable interest rate

With the investment credit, you can choose between a fixed or variable interest rate.

Easily draw down and manage online

Our Touch and Online for Business services let you easily draw down, manage and sign for credit facilities online. Touch even lets you apply for a new credit facility over the Internet.

Select the repayment frequency yourself

You can decide for yourself whether to repay on a monthly, quarterly, six-monthly or yearly basis.

Starting a new venture or expanding your business? Then this will require a large investment. At the same time, you must have sufficient cash reserves as a company.

With new investments, you are often better off relying on credit rather than your own assets. An investment credit is the most frequently used credit for financing real estate, company cars and equipment.

What is the KBC Investment Credit?

The KBC Investment Credit is a medium or long-term credit facility, from 2 to 20 years. You can use it for purchasing fixed assets such as real estate for your business, company cars and equipment. You can use the credit to finance the start of your business or for new investments to further expand your business.

Our Touch app for online banking makes it easy for you to apply for new credit facilities. If you’d like to discuss your credit needs with us, our experts are ready to help you at your branch or where you are by phone or chat. 

After signing, you can easily continue to digitally manage and draw down the new credit facilities.

Invest in your business: apply for a credit facility now

Who is it suitable for?

The KBC Investment Credit is a professional credit facility, suitable for both starters as well as established business owners.

  • Self-employed individuals and persons engaging in a liberal profession
  • SME entrepreneurs
  • Agricultural and horticultural businesses
Get a professional credit facility to fit your business

What can the KBC Investment Credit be used for?

1. Real estate

  • Renovating or purchasing a building
  • Taking over a business
  • Green investments, such as solar panels, insulation or heat pumps
Invest in property

2. Company cars

  • Passenger cars
  • Delivery vans and lorries
  • Agricultural vehicles
Invest in a car or van

3. Business equipment

  • Office facilities
  • Purchasing machines
  • Computers and IT
Invest in office facilities and other business equipment

What are the benefits?

1. You have a wide range of repayment options

2. Can be drawn down in instalments or in one lump sum

You can decide whether to draw down the entire sum at once, for example to purchase a building, or to draw down the loan in instalments, such as for a renovation.

3. Can be combined with government aid

The government has implemented measures to encourage entrepreneurs to invest.

4. Easily managed online

Our Touch app for online banking makes it a breeze to work out, compare and apply for the right credit facility for you and your business.

Once your credit facility has been approved, it’s easy to make drawdowns in Touch or using our Online for Business service. 

5. Your credit facility, available within 24 hours

You could have your credit facility the day after you apply online or have an appointment with your relationship manager.*

6. Tax-deductible

Both your charges as well as interest can be offset against your corporation tax.

7. Financial protection

With your investment credit facility, you can protect your family or company by taking out optional death cover. Read more about the insurance here.

Request credit?

Invest in your company: apply for your credit facility by phone, chat or in KBC Touch

* Decisions on business credit facilities of up to 150 000 euros should be available within 24 hours of applying online or by appointment, provided your application is complete.

Learn more

1. What is the interest rate of an investment credit?

When you take out an investment credit, it's with a fixed or variable interest rate. Whichever interest you end up paying back depends on what you choose.

With a fixed interest rate, you have a clear overview of the total amount you will have to repay. With a variable interest rate, you can respond flexibly to developments within your company.

When the interest rate is being reviewed, we review the rate applying to your investment credit. Your KBC Relationship Manager will be happy to provide you with more information in this regard.

2. What is the term to maturity of an investment credit?

The term ranges from 2 to 20 years, and depends on the nature of your investment.

With business equipment and vehicles, it depends on the maximum term of the accounting depreciation period. We refer to this as medium term: 2 to 5 years. For example, the term for a new passenger car is a maximum of 5 years.

With the purchase of real estate for your company, this is referred to as long-term: 5 to 20 years. You can finance the purchase of a new business premises for a maximum of 20 years, for example. 

3. How much can you borrow in the case of an investment credit?

The amount of your investment credit facility takes into account your capital spending plan, offer and order form, and the means you can invest yourself. You determine the amount of your investment credit in consultation with your KBC relationship manager. 

4. What are the rates of an investment credit?

For the current rate, please contact your KBC relationship manager.

5. How is an investment credit repaid?

Equal instalments: If you opt for repayments in equal amounts, then the periodic repayments (i.e. principal and interest) will always be the same. At the beginning of the term, you repay less principal and more interest. Towards the end of the term, the ratio changes and you repay more principal and less interest.

Equal principal repayments: If you choose for equal principal repayments, you then pay the same part of the capital back on each principal due date. As the interest is calculated on the outstanding principal, the instalments you have to pay (i.e. interest and principal) reduce over time. For this reason, they are referred to as decreasing repayments.

Grace period: You can have a grace period to postpone the first repayment. The length of that period depends on your credit facility and is determined in consultation with your KBC relationship manager.

6. Can I book an investment credit as an expense?

An investment credit must be processed on the accounting balance sheet: capitalisation and depreciation.

More info

  • KBC Investment Credit product fact sheet

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