KBC Business Dashboard

  • Online business banking from your computer
  • All-in-one platform
  • Customise your dashboard according to your needs
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What is the KBC Business Dashboard?

The KBC Business Dashboard is a digital platform that allows you to easily and securely manage all of your business banking tasks, ranging from payments to investments. It also makes managing your loans, insurance and business administration much easier.

The benefits at a glance

When you apply for the KBC Business Dashboard, you get KBC-Online for Business by default. If you’re in need of further features, you can expand your dashboard by adding these useful applications:

You can leave the administration for the Business Dashboard to the administrators, employees at your company who have extensive powers and the ability to deal with administrative tasks 24/7. This means they can:

  • Quickly add new users and manage them
  • Apply for business apps and change settings
  • Check and manage powers of attorney without fuss
  • Create a link to your accounting software

There are five separate roles:

  • Legal representative
  • Mandate holder
  • Agent holding power of attorney
  • Administrator
  • User

The KBC Business Dashboard gives you an at-a-glance view of your banking business. The home screen is made up of handy widgets which you can relocate or delete. Add your favourite feature with a quicklink on the ‘My Favourites’ widget.

You can easily and securely log in and sign using KBC Sign for Business or the Isabel SmartCard.

KBC Sign for Business

Prefer not to use a card reader? You can use the free KBC Sign for Business
app to sign transactions quickly and securely using your smartphone.

Isabel security

Don’t have a smartphone handy? You can also log in and sign using Isabel security, which you can request from your KBC branch.

If you would like to know more about both ways of logging in, see the full details.

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