Real prices

You buy and sell foreign currencies at current, real prices.

Extended opening hours

Go&Deal is available 5 days a week, 24 hours a day. Only closed on EUR currency holidays.

Free, quick and safe

Execute transactions quickly and efficiently, within a secure environment.

If your business often has to work with foreign currency, then Go&Deal is the perfect tool for transactions in foreign currencies.

What is Go&Deal?

What is Go&Deal?

Go&Deal is an online tool that allows you to execute transactions on the international exchange markets. You buy or sell foreign currencies at competitive prices.

And it is quick. You make your price request with one click, and you immediately receive a price offer which you may accept or decline.

Go&Deal can be accessed from your KBC Business Dashboard on your PC. Once you've got Go&Deal at your disposal, you can always find it on your Business Dashboard behind the 'Pay' button.

What are the benefits of Go&Deal?

  • You have the most recent rates at all times
  • You can log in securely
  • You carry out transactions at the click of a mouse
  • You are free to decide when your account is credited/debited
  • You can use the application free of charge
  • You can carry out transactions around the clock, five days a week

The right place for any currency

Go&Deal trades more than 20 foreign currencies and makes various kinds of transactions possible:

  • Cash transaction (Spot): buy or sell foreign currency with immediate settlement
  • Futures contracts (Outright): transactions in foreign currencies with future settlement
  • Exchange contract (Swap): with this, you can temporarily exchange one currency for another
  • Limit orders: place market orders for the purchase or sale of foreign currency

How can you log in?

You can find Go&Deal in your KBC Business Dashboard. You can log in in 2 secure ways:

  • With your security card (Isabel or KBC card).
  • Or with the KBC Sign app on your smartphone

Not using KBC Business Dashboard yet? Discover everything about Business Dashboard here.

Get your access to Go&Deal

Request Go&Deal from your KBC relationship manager
Or send an e-mail to esales@kbc.be

If you are not a KBC client yet, please request Go&Deal at a KBC branch in your neighbourhood. Make an appointment.

Do you have any questions about Go&Deal?

Would you like to know more about Go&Deal? Please call us at +32 (0)2 417 28 09.

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