KBC Sign for Business

Logging in and signing transactions on your smartphone

KBC Sign for Business

Logging in and signing transactions on your smartphone

Say bye-bye to theKBC e-Business Card and card reader

Logging in with yourKBC e-Business Card and card reader is a thing of the past. With KBC Sign for Business, all you need is your smartphone.

Bank online the easy way

Use KBC Sign for Business to conveniently sign transactions on your smartphone in no time.

Get it for for Android or iOS

Get KBC Sign for Business for your iPhone or Android phone.

What is KBC Sign for Business?

Are you using KBC-Online for Business or a different business application such as Flexims, Go&Deal, Reach or E-DocumentBox? If so, you can choose between two security methods that enable you to log in to the KBC Business Dashboard:

  • The KBC Sign for Business
  • Isabel 

Both security methods can be used to log in to the KBC Business Dashboard with the minimum of effort and sign transactions quickly and safely. KBC Sign for Business is the latest, most cutting edge security method of the two.

How does KBC Sign for Business work?

KBC Sign for Business is an application that you download on your smartphone. Once the application has been activated, you can log in and sign transactions in the KBC Business Dashboard. This means that you no longer need the KBC e-Business Card or corresponding card reader. KBC Sign for Business is 100% safe, can be used anywhere (you always have your smartphone with you) and enables you to log in and/or sign transactions on Windows and Mac computers.

Download KBC Sign for Business

Like the look of KBC Sign for Business?

To start using KBC Sign for Business, your business needs to become/already be a user of KBC-Online for Business. Not using KBC-Online for Business yet? Get started with KBC-Online for Business
Your smartphone needs to meet a number of system requirements before you can use KBC Sign for Business. View the system requirements
How can I download the KBC Sign for Business app to my smartphone? (app only available for iOS and Android, not for Windows Phone) Get started in no time with KBC Sign for Business
Already use KBC-Online for Business (with the KBC e-Business Card and associated card reader) and want to switch to KBC Sign for Business? Get started in no time with KBC Sign for Business
Using KBC Sign for Business for the first time? Wondering how to log in or sign a transaction? We'll be happy to assist you with the help of a handy demo. Working for the first time with KBC Sign for Business(watch the demo)

Questions about KBC Sign for Business in Online for Business?

Ask us about...

  • Any of the activation codes (user ID, QR activation code) or your secret code?
  • Requesting your login ID?
  • E-government transactions?
  • Any other aspect?

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