Coronavirus: frequently asked questions

Coronavirus: frequently asked questions

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Need to make an appointment?

Due to coronavirus (Covid-19), you can currently only make appointments by phone. Feel free to contact one of our experts at KBC Live or a branch in your area.

We're planning phone and video chat appointments as much as possible. However, should you exceptionally need to come to your branch or agency in person, we’ll make sure that your visit takes place under the safest possible conditions.

Have questions or concerns about the coronavirus outbreak affecting your financial situation? E-mail us at or call us on 02 448 02 44 for more help.

See the Belgian federal public health authorities website for more general information on the coronavirus.


Our branches and agencies have been open to customers by appointment only since Wednesday 18 March 2020. Feel free to call your KBC branch on their general number.

You insurance agent can also be contacted by phone. Their number can be found on the website (under 'Find us near you'), in KBC Mobile under 'Your contacts' and in KBC Touch under 'Contact'.

Contact our KBC Live experts using our KBC Mobile app or call them on 078 353 137 (weekdays 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. – Saturdays 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.).


According to the federal health authorities (FPS Public Health), paying by cash does not transmit the virus. However, paying by electronic means is encouraged as it allows you to respect social distancing rules.


You can find an up-to-date overview of measures to support your business on the website of Flanders Innovation and Entrepreneurship (VLAIO):

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Cover for hospitalisation abroad depends on the general conditions of your policy. Under the current conditions, (a limited part of) the cost is covered. Even if you have travelled to a high-risk area against Foreign Office advice, we’ll still help pay for hospitalisation due to a coronavirus infection as specified in the general conditions.

You will only receive a benefit if you've been infected with coronavirus and can provide the necessary certificates that prove it. You won't get any benefits in the event of economic loss or preventive quarantine.

Yes, you receive a benefit if you become infected with the virus and the deferment period has ended.

Important: be sure to provide us with the necessary certificates attesting to your illness. You won't receive a benefit, therefore, if you go into preventive quarantine.

Yes, you are always covered if admitted to a hospital in Belgium. If you're hospitalised abroad, you are also have (limited) cover. In such cases, be sure to check the general conditions of your insurance policy.

Yes, it provides you with (limited) cover. Be sure to check the general conditions of your insurance policy.

Yes, it provides you with (limited) cover. Be sure to check the general conditions of your insurance policy.


These costs are not covered by our cancellation insurance policies. You should contact the travel agency, tour operator or airline to request a refund or change or postpone your trip.

The European regulations impose specific obligations on airlines based in the European Union. You will find more information about your rights when an airline cancels your flight on the website of the Federal Public Service (‘FOD’ – available in Dutch and French).

We advise you to follow the government's guidelines in this regard.

We have provided extensive information on travel insurance on a frequently asked questions page:

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Travel cancellation insurance covers you in some cases if you have to cancel your trip. We recommend contacting your travel agency, tour operator or transport operator to discuss your options.

Covered reasons for trip cancellation do not include:

  • Coronavirus outbreak in another country that you’re planning to travel to from Belgium
  • Travel warning like a general travel ban issued by the Belgian authorities
  • Ban on entering the country you’re going to due to the coronavirus

What if I organised the trip myself?

Contact the various service providers (like the airline and hotel involved) to check the options open to you.

Your accommodation costs will be subject to the hotel’s general conditions. Some hotels have very lenient cancellation policies, allowing you to cancel your reservation free of charge up to the last minute, while others will charge you for the first night if you don’t show up.

If you got an early booking discount, you’ll generally not be able to cancel.

Like to know more about our travel cancellation insurance?

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General questions

Belgium’s federal employment authorities, employers’ organisations and trade unions have assembled a useful guide to preventing the spread of Covid-19 at work (available in Dutch or French).

It contains tips for reopening your business safely, including general guidelines for avoiding the spread of Covid-19 in the workplace.

> Learn more (in Dutch)

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

Send your question to We will then help you to the very best of our ability.

Pension saving for the self-employed: pay less tax, build up more pension income

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Pension saving for the self-employed: pay less tax, build up more pension income

From the field to the festival

On their arable farm in Laakdal, Nele Devoghel and Stefaan Van Elven produce potatoes, carrots, onions and... energy. The 700 solar panels they’ve installed provide electricity for the refrigeration units in which they store their harvest. If those units are mostly empty, however, then the power is redirected to the Werchter festival grounds!

From the field to the festival

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Multi-risk insurance

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Multi-risk insurance