Manage several accounts in a single app

Isabel 6

Manage several accounts in a single app

Isabel 6

Manage accounts at different banks in one place

Isabel 6 gives you a uniform way to run business accounts at different financial institutions.

Work with multiple users

Get a one-stop shop for your accounts at various banks, but still have multiple users – each with their own rights and options.

Prepare, sign and track payments

The transfers you create are saved and can be signed later, whether by single or multiple signatories. Signatures can be added on the computer used to create the payment or remotely.

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What is Isabel 6?


Isabel 6 gives you and your company an in-house electronic application that allows you to control and manage all your business accounts in complete security. Multiple users can even work under a single subscription, and each of these users can be given different rights and options. It is also possible to integrate accounting software and exchange electronic invoices via Zoomit.

Each Isabel 6 user also has access to KBC-Online for Business.

Isabel 6 is a product of the Isabel Group. Find out more about the benefits, references, terms, conditions and rates for Isabel 6 at

What you can do with Isabel 6 (features)

  • Make transfers (SEPA, International)
  • Display/filter/search account info
  • Display account statements
  • Check account records
  • Manage an unlimited number of accounts at one bank
  • Download report files
  • Search in transactions
  • Duplicate transactions
  • Display and sign transactions
  • Set up and import domestic, SEPA and international transfers (with or without an execution date)
  • Manage, create and import counterparty details
  • Sign remotely
  • Manually set up direct debits and manage mandates
  • Sign with multiple users according to their mandates
  • Import payment files from accounting software
  • Export account info (CODA) to accounting software
  • Send payment requests by e-mail (Multisign)
  • Use Isabel Go (the Isabel button in your accounting software)
  • Use advanced download facilities with a wide range of options (select by file type, date, etc.)

How does Isabel 6 work?

Isabel 6 is an online application (which runs via your browser). It can be used on a Windows computer or an Apple computer (Mac). To gain access to Isabel 6, all you have to do is install the card reader and security software, and activate your Isabel 6 card .

Isabel 6 is made up of modules. Users can choose between two modules and within a module, activate only the functions they need:

1. Bankit Signing-module

This module is intended for users who only need to be able to view or sign payment orders that other users have prepared. Other functions are not accessible.

2. Bankit Standard-module

This is the standard module. It is intended for users who want to prepare payment orders and view account information. This module comprises the following functions:

  • Enter, sign, send and import SEPA and international payments
  • Query, view and edit account information (a wide range of options to manage accounts)

In addition, users of the standard version can choose from the following options:

  • Multisign: payments to be signed by different users (signatories)
  • Export account information to your accounting software: export files with encrypted account information (CODA, MT94X, etc.) intended for processing by accounting software
  • Isabel Go: transfer payments and account information between Isabel and your accounting software at the click of a mouse
  • Enter and import SEPA Direct Debits to allow collection from customers

How to export files from Isabel 6

In the Isabel 6 Bankit standard module, you can export account information to your accounting software. Most accounting software packages have a payments module that saves invoices to be paid to a bank file. You can use Isabel 6 to send this file to KBC in XML format.

We will then use Isabel 6 to send you a file containing information on the processed invoices (CODA, SWIFT MT94X, etc.). You can import this file into your accounting software, so that your invoices are all debited in one go. Using Isabel Go the whole process is made even simpler. With a single click of the mouse, you can exchange these files between your accounting software and Isabel 6.

Secure and reliable

The Isabel certificate, combined with RSA and smart card technology, makes Isabel one of the most secure systems in the world. Therefore, it's no surprise that Isabel is also the main Belgian authority issuing class 3 certificates. These certificates guarantee the identity of the card holder, the authenticity of the message and the integrity of its contents. This is also the reason why an Isabel 6 card can be used to gain access to various eGovernment applications, such as the apps for submitting VAT returns online and filing annual financial statements.

Get started with Isabel 6

A member of staff at your KBC branch will provide you with your personal Isabel 6 card
You will receive the necessary activation codes by post
Activate Isabel 6 (via

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