KBC Mobile

The benefits

KBC Mobile

The benefits

Easy to read – at a glance

Business and personal accounts are grouped together and colour-coded to distinguish them.

Tagging beneficiaries

You can tag your beneficiaries as 'business' or 'personal.'

Extra notification when doing a transfer

KBC Mobile warns you when you make payments between your 'business' and 'personal' categories.

Why choose KBC Mobile?

You can manage your business and personal accounts even better. You get a colour-coded display for a clear overview of your account information. All your beneficiaries are nearly arranged by account category. KBC Mobile lets you manage your accounts in a more purposeful way.

For whom?

Small-scale self-employed people who like to maintain control over their business and personal accounts. Because efficiency is not a goal, but a means.

Switch faster between business and personal accounts

Grouped accounts

Especially for you, we have grouped all your business accounts at the top of your familiar KBC Mobile environment, and listed them separately in dark blue. Below that, you will find your personal account details displayed in light blue. If you want to change the order, it's easy to do as you can adjust your settings in just one click to show your personal accounts first. 

Tagging beneficiaries

You can tag your saved beneficiaries as 'personal' or 'business'. If you switch to a different account category, you will only see the beneficiaries you have tagged in that category. If you choose not to tag your beneficiaries, we will show each one in both categories. 

Manage your payments even more easily


If you make a payment from your business account to a 'personal' beneficiary, or you carry out transactions from your business to your own personal account, KBC Mobile will alert you to that, and so help you avoid making mistakes. 

Payment and credit cards

Click 'Cards' in the menu to see an overview of your payment and credit cards, along with a clear distinction between business and personal. View your transactions and balances for each category. Managing your money has never been so easy.

Send us your queries today

If you have any questions, send them directly to your personal KBC business adviser using the app. If you don't have the app yet, just send a message to your local KBC Bank branch. That's what we call a personal service.

Get an at-a-glance view of all your accounts

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