Meal vouchers in KBC Mobile

  • Use your Edenred, Monizze or Pluxee meal vouchers
  • Combine your meal vouchers and current account in one payment
  • Scan the Payconiq QR code to pay at your local retailer
Link your meal vouchers in KBC Mobile

Why link your meal vouchers to KBC Mobile?

If you link your Edenred, Monizze or Pluxee meal vouchers to Payconiq in KBC Mobile, you’ll always have your meal vouchers on you, even if you forget your meal voucher card. What’s more, you can easily pay at a growing number of Payconiq retailers near you.

If you can't pay the full purchase amount with meal vouchers or your vouchers are running low, you can pay the remaining amount from your current account as part of the same QR scan, so you no longer have to make two separate payments.

More information about meal vouchers in KBC Mobile

It is only possible to link your meal vouchers in KBC Mobile. All you have to do is:

  1. Log in to KBC Mobile
  2. Tap ‘Offer’ at the bottom right of the screen
  3. Scroll to ‘Payment services’
  4. Tap the ‘Meal vouchers' tile
  5. Select your meal voucher provider
  6. Follow the instructions
  1. Open KBC Mobile and tap ‘Pay by QR code’ in the start screen
  2. Scan the Payconiq QR code at your local retailer to make payment
  3. Enter the amount and free-format reference, if required
  4. If you have enough meal vouchers to cover the transaction, they will appear as the selected payment method (you can also decide not to pay with your meal vouchers, in which case you swipe the slider to ‘off’ and pay from your current account)
  5. Confirm your payment

You can make mobile payments at local Payconiq retailers that are equipped with a Payconiq QR code and that accept meal vouchers as a means of payment.

This option, however, has not yet been activated at major retailers, such as supermarkets or merchants where you can pay with Payconiq via their payment terminals or tills.

No, you can add just one card.

Yes, you have to link your card to Payconiq in KBC Mobile to be able to pay with you vouchers.

Be sure to provide a screenshot showing that the balance has been reduced.

Link your meal vouchers in KBC Mobile

Any questions? Just ask Kate, your digital assistant in KBC Mobile, or feel free to get in touch.