Report internet fraud

Report internet fraud

Fallen victim to fraud?

Call us right away if you've...  016 432 000 (lines are open 24/7)

  • Given personal details to someone you don't know over the phone
  • Seen a transaction on your accounts that you didn't make
  • Entered personal details on a scam website
  • Lost your smartphone or had it stolen 
    Lost your debit card as well? Act without delay and block your card with KBC Mobile. Tap the card you want to block, select Card Stop and follow the instructions. Alternatively, Call Card Stop on 078 170 170 to have it blocked right away. Learn more.

Spotted something suspicious?

Let us know by e-mail at​.

Recognising e-mail scams

  • Scam e-mails often claim that there is a security problem with your bank card or bank account, requiring you to take urgent action.
  • They may tell you that you can fix the problem by opening an attachment or clicking a link, which takes you to a fake website where you have to enter personal details (like your bank card number or the codes generated by your card reader).

Recognising phone scams


  • Fraudulent callers may try to obtain personal details like your bank card number or the codes generated by your card reader.

KBC Antivirus Software Package

Protect your computers, tablets and smartphones against viruses and unsafe websites and protect yourself against phishing

How to bank securely online

Keep hackers out with our security tips

How cyber criminals operate

What do we do at KBC to secure online banking?

Further clarification regarding the press release of 10 may

KBC Insurance proactively informs 140 corporate customers that they and their employees may have fallen victim to a vulnerability in the system of an external service provider.


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