Pursue a return

Without leaving your comfort zone

Pursue a return

Without leaving your comfort zone

Intelligent investment: how do you do that?

‘Anyone seeking a high return on the stock market has to accept more risk. And more risk means a bigger chance of fluctuations in the market along the way.’

This is primarily how banks have looked at your profile as an investor for decades. The way you cope with ups and downs is used to measure the ‘risk’ parameter. It determines whether you are a defensive or highly dynamic investor or somewhere in between.

Besides this rational element, however, investing is also linked to an emotional decision-making process. We’re all different when it comes to how we react to interim rises and falls on the stock markets. Investors with precisely the same defensive profile can react differently to those ups and downs.

If the stock market falls for several days in a row, Defensive Investor A wants to respond immediately. Defensive Investor B, by contrast, shrugs their shoulders and takes another look at their investments a month later.

Here at KBC, we think we can do better than the traditional approach, in which return and volatility (those ups and downs) are the criteria. Which is why we now go a step further: full account should also be taken of your peace of mind.

Does the adrenaline of the markets keep you awake at night?

In that case, we propose an investment solution that responds rapidly and substantially to market fluctuations. While it’s obviously not possible to exclude those swings entirely, we take as much account as possible of your preferences.

Do you keep your cool even when the markets are jumping all over the place? Then you’re probably better off with a fund that allows that kind of fluctuation.

By adding your sensitivity to interim losses as an extra dimension, we can offer investments that are more closely tailored to you individually. Whether the sun is shining on the market or it’s in the middle of a thunderstorm.

Smart investing comes down to seeking a return without having to worry about it unnecessarily. And without giving up unnecessarily on investing and missing out on a potential future return.

The upshot? You’re comfortable with your investment and can get on with enjoying what’s important to you in life.

How can KBC help you achieve this?

We base ourselves on your specific needs and objectives. Not off-the-peg, but made-to-measure, taking full account of your goals and emotions.

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