Assistance insurance for your home

KBC Home Assistance

Assistance insurance for your home

KBC Home Assistance

Got a problem with your home?

Heating broken down? Toilet blocked? Locked out? Leaking roof? We'll get assistance to you fast.

Don't worry, we'll give you a hand

The search for technicians who are available and affordable can be a long one. But, if you have this insurance, all you need to do is call KBC.

Even at night and weekends

We'll do all we can to solve your problem within 24 hours. In emergencies, even in 2 hours.

Assistance when things break down? For your home, too, of course

Nearly everyone has insurance for travel assistance or 'breakdowns on the road'. But what if an essential part of your home breaks down, like the heating or toilet? When that happens, you also need immediate help. So you need to get home assistance insurance.

When do people mostly call in home assistance?

  1. Water problems (leaks and no hot water)
  2. Faulty heating system
  3. Locking yourself out or losing the keys

KBC Home Assistance explained

Assistance insurance for your home

KBC Home Assistance is insurance covering home assistance. In other words, you get help to remedy serious, unforeseen problems in your home.

Just call KBC, and we'll arrange everything. Even at night or the weekend, when it's even harder to find available, affordable repairmen yourself.

How it works

1. If you've got a problem, phone our call centre at +32 (0) 16 24 24 24, any time, day or night
2. Within 24 hours, we will send help. In emergencies, even in 2 hours. 
3. A specialist will quickly help resolve the problem. 

Our assistance providers offer first aid to fix the issue. That means they will prevent or mitigate further damage to your home, carry out provisional repairs and make your home safe and habitable again. The final repair (like replacing worn-out equipment) and maintenance work do not fall under this cover.

The number of interventions each year is unlimited. So, you can call us as offer as you need to. Did you know that KBC Mobile and KBC Touch let you contact our call centre direct?

What is an emergency?

Assistance insurance for your home

We will do all we can to remedy the problem within 2 hours if your basic comfort is seriously impaired, if your home is inaccessible or if there is a danger to the occupants or to the building itself.

Some examples

  • You've locked yourself out
  • The only toilet in your home is blocked
  • Your living room heating breaks down in winter

What is insured?

We send help ourselves. If you engage someone's services yourself, we will not refund the costs (except if you call the fire brigade to remove a wasps' nest).

When do we provide assistance?

  • You have an electricity outage
  • Your heating or air conditioning stops working and the interior temperature becomes unpleasant
  • You have no running water in your home or no hot water in your bathroom
  • Your toilet's blocked (other than due to the septic tank being full)
  • Wasps or bees have nested on or in your home
  • You can't leave or enter your home because the entrance is barred or blocked, because your keys have been stolen or lost or because you've locked yourself out
  • Your home is no longer wind and watertight, for instance because the roof or a window is damaged

When do we not provide assistance?

  • Due to circumstances for which you are responsible, the person providing assistance cannot get into your home at the appointed time
  • The problem for which you request assistance is your own responsibility because you failed to repair a known defect or did not have full repairs done after a previous intervention
  • The problem is due to deliberate acts or omissions by an occupant or poor maintenance or material decay of your home
  • The network supplier interrupts or cuts off the gas, electricity or water supply
  • There is damage to domestic appliances like a fridge, oven, extractor hood, cooker or portable radiator
  • Poor or non-working of an integrated switch, electronic circuit, microchip, microprocessor, hardware, software, computer, alarm or domestic electronic equipment, telecommunications equipment or similar electronic systems


Be sure to check your KBC Home Insurance. You may be able to claim under the categories of extra cover, like replacement accommodation, reimbursement of the costs for safe storage of goods or the services of a leak-detection company. Contact your insurance agent or use KBC Mobile or KBC Touch.

The cost

The premium for home assistance is 6.50 euros per month. The premium is charged monthly to your account by direct debit.

What we reimburse

Assistance insurance for your home

We pay the charges for the intervention by the tradesmen providing assistance, up to 400 euros (including VAT) plus parts needed for a temporary repair, up to 100 euros (including VAT). We also cover the full call-out charge. And there's no deductible to pay.

You may be entitled to an extra service:

  • If your basic comfort (electricity, heating, hot water) cannot be restored within 24 hours, we will organise hotel accommodation (up to 200 euros for the entire family). If you'd sooner not go to a hotel, we will arrange an electricity generator or heat source for five days.
  • If a defect causes an electricity outage and food in your fridge or deep freeze goes off as a result, you will receive extra compensation up to 125 euros.

Things you also need to know

  • When you start the policy, there is a waiting period of 14 days before you can claim assistance.
  • The insurance is available to anyone, even if they do not have property insurance with KBC.
  • The policy is intended for a home where you live or that you use as additional accommodation, as long as you use the home for private purposes. We do not cover property owned to let.
  • The insurance is for periods of one year and renews automatically unless you cancel it no later than three months before the principal renewal date. 

How do I take out assistance insurance?

You need our KBC Mobile app to take out assistance insurance. Don’t have KBC Mobile or not a customer with us yet? Contact KBC Live for more help.

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Belgian law applies to this product.

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This does not affect your right to take legal action.

Contact your insurance expert to request a quotation for KBC Home Assistance or use KBC Mobile.
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