Learn more about investing

Learn more about investing

You don't have to be an expert to start investing. That said, however, having some basic knowledge can come in useful. That’s because, as an investor, you want to make use of opportunities to achieve higher returns while also understanding the risks involved. In the information below, we start off by providing the basics before moving on to products that are designed for more experienced investors.

Learning to invest

If you want to learn about investing, this section will answer some of the first questions that come to mind ...

What is investing?

Investing means buying something that you sell again once it’s gone up in value. It all sounds easy enough until terms like 'the stock market', 'shares' and 'risk' start flying around. Don’t worry, we’re here to explain in terms we can all understand.

Saving and investing

Wavering between saving and investing? Find out quickly whether you stand more to gain from a mix of savings and investments.

How much money do you need to invest in it?

What is the ideal amount to invest? Wondering if there's an ideal amount you should invest? You can start investing with as little as 25 euros a month. Check out which investment suits you.

Your guide to investment funds

Investment funds are an attractive proposition for both first-time and more experienced investors, as they combine several benefits all at the same time. Find out more about the benefits, costs and possibilities now.

What is an investment fund?

What is an investment fund? Find out all about the features, costs, risks and, of course, the returns on investment funds.

KBC funds

Looking for an investment fund? Check out KBC’s extensive offering of interesting investment ideas.

Dive into the world of shares, bonds and life insurance

If you’re more interested in specific investment products rather than investment funds, take a dive into the world of shares, bonds and life insurance below and start making your own investments. Alternatively, fill in your investment profile so we can advise you on investments that suit your personal situation.

Why invest in shares

Go for a potentially higher return, without ever losing sight of the risks. Read on and find out more.

What is a bond?

What is a bond and what is the difference between a share and a bond? Discover all the pros and cons here.

Why choose a life insurance policy?

Life insurance allows you to plan your estate and save money on inheritance tax.

Je beleggersprofiel

Het beleggersprofiel zorgt ervoor dat je beleggingen nog beter afgestemd zijn op je persoonlijke situatie.