Receiving payments

Receiving payments

Betaald worden in je zaak of webshop

KBC payment terminal

  • Receive quick payment
  • Fixed or portable, you choose
  • Compare the options or run a simulation

KBC Paypage

An ideal payment page for your webshop


Facilitate m-payments for your customers, at no unnecessary extra expense. On and off premises payment capability.


A rapid payment terminal you can use to collect payments when you are on the road? A world of flexibility for you as a business owner.


A payment terminal that works on your counter? Wireless and contactless payment collection guarantees problem-free transactions.

KBC Payment Button

Let your customers buy now and pay later. You receive the money instantly on your account. Now that's a win-win situation!

Betaald worden via facturatie

Simplify your invoicing using Billit

  • Get an at-a-glance view of your cashflow
  • Make batch payments
  • Keep an eye on every invoice

If you want your clients to pay by direct debit, you can make it happen in KBC-Online for Business

  • Get paid automatically
  • Manage your mandates using Online for Business
  • Create files for your receivables with ease


Factoring is a service in which KBC deposits an advance straight away into your business account to help cover the amount on your outstanding invoices. KBC also continues to follow up the client's payment.

KBC Business Pro

    Keep personal and business accounts separate

    View balances and transactions in real time 

    Get extra cards

Betaald worden met cash

Deposit cash into your account

What can you do with small change (coins) and/or banknotes as a business owner? Pay it into your business account!

How much cash are you allowed to receive from a customer?

When you have a business, you want to give your customers the option of paying in different ways, including by Bancontact, money transfer, Visa and, of course, cash. But how much cash are you allowed to receive from a customer?