KBC Business PRO

Includes all the basic options you need for your business

KBC Business PRO

Includes all the basic options you need for your business

Ideal account for business

Get an account for your business plus a fully featured debit card.

Free personal account

Get a personal and business account together in our great-value package, while still keeping both easily separated. That makes life easy for you, your accountant and the taxman.

Get more and choose your own add-ons

Our standard services can be added to according to your business needs (such as extra debit cards, credit cards, payment terminals or a VAB fuel card).

Open a KBC Business PRO Account

Why choose a KBC Business PRO Account?

As someone who runs their own business, it's important for you to be able to keep a close and watchful eye on the financial aspects involved. The KBC Business PRO Account lets you do just that wherever and whenever you choose. When you open this account, you get free access to KBC Touch, KBC Mobile and (optional) KBC-Online for Business (one administrator), three top-drawer tools for attending to your banking business online. (Find out which of these online banking tools is best suited to your needs).

You can also use KBC Touch or KBC Business Dashboard to open an (additional) KBC Business PRO Account online quickly and easily, 24/7 – wherever you are.

The following are included as standard:

  • A business current account
  • One KBC Bank Card (including all card functions)
  • Unlimited manual and electronic transactions
  • Access to KBC Touch for managing your current account online (computer or tablet)
  • Access to KBC Mobile for managing your current account online (smartphone)

If you already use KBC Touch as a personal banking client at KBC, you also have the convenience of being able to manage your personal and business accounts online in the same place, thanks to the clear distinction that has been made between these accounts. Use KBC Touch wherever and whenever you need to on your laptop or tablet. 

Optional features

Add to the standard package and cover all your business requirements. You can go for : 

Attend to your business banking online using KBC-Online for Business, which is free of charge for one administrator/user and includes:

  • Log in and signing capability with KBC Sign
  • Log in and signing capability with the KBC e-Business Card and its Card Reader
  • KBC Security Certificate
  • The full complement of basic functions
  • Capacity to customise the subscription by adding other functions (over and above the basic ones) and more user/administrators.


Annual charge 24 euros
Adding options to the standard package Price per option available from your KBC Bank branch

Yes, I want to open a KBC Business PRO

Log in to KBC Touch or via the KBC Business Dashboard
Open an (additional) KBC Business PRO Account quickly and easily

If you aren't one of our clients, apply to open your account online.

Not the type of account you were after?

We have a unique offering for medium-sized and larger businesses: check out the KBC Business Compact and KBC Business Convenience. Both accounts can be managed as standard in KBC-Online for Business by one or more users/administrators and will meet even more of your business needs.

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