Receive payments by smartphone


Receive payments by smartphone

Let your customers pay on their smartphone

Customers either scan your QR code or select your business from a list in the Payconiq app and then pay by entering their PIN. Fast and easy, for your customers and for you. No bank card or payment terminal needed.

See incoming payments in real time

Customer payments appear instantly in real time on your list of incoming payments.

No transaction charges in May and June!

Businesses don't have to pay set-up or subscription charges to use Payconiq. In May and June, there are no transaction charges per transaction either.

If you’re already with us, your application will be fast-tracked. Complete the application form or contact KBC Live. As soon as your contract is ready, you can sign it easily online in KBC Touch, KBC Mobile or KBC Business Dashboard.

Mobile payments are gaining in popularity because of their speed and convenience for both the customer and the retailer.

With the advent of Payconiq – the new mobile payment app – speed and convenience are being taken to an even higher level. Customers pay using their phone and you receive notification of each transaction on your device (PC, tablet or smartphone) in real time, which does away with the need for cash or a payment terminal.

Why use Payconiq?

A smooth payment experience

Using Payconiq eliminates the need for cash or a payment terminal. With the Payconiq app installed on their smartphone, customers can pay with complete ease. You then receive real-time confirmation of the payment on your device.

On your premises or remotely

When your customers are actually on your premises, the QR function comes into its own. When your QR code is scanned, your business is selected automatically and that ensures payment is quick and hassle-free. Even if there are two businesses on the same premises, customers can locate yours instantly using this code. 

Customers can also display the list of merchants, a particularly handy feature when they want to pay remotely. This means that payments can be received upfront as customers don't need to be on your premises.


  • You don't pay any set-up fee or subscription charges.
  • With Payconiq, you pay a charge of just 0.06 euros per transaction.
    Special offer: No transaction charges in May and June!
  • You don't need to buy new or special hardware; your smartphone, computer or tablet is all you need.

The new normal

Get Payconiq and receive payments by smartphone.

At present, 3.1 million people in Belgium do their banking business online, up 1.1 million on the figure for 2015. And that number is continuing to grow. Payconiq is an accessible and user-friendly system for receiving mobile payments in businesses just like yours.

If you're just starting your business or practice, Payconiq offers you a way to receive mobile payments at very little cost. But even established retailers or liberal professionals stand to gain from the app. You give your customers an additional way to make payment and you in turn enjoy the convenience of Payconiq.

How does Payconiq work?

Payconiq consists of a web portal for the retailer and an app for the customer.

The retailer

Payconiq provides a handy portal site to retailers. You can visit this site on your PC, tablet or smartphone, depending on what's available to you in your business premises. The site displays a list of all incoming payments in real time. When someone pays, it will appear instantly in the list of transactions.

The Payconiq web portal also lets you create and export payment overviews in just a few taps or clicks.

The customer

After installing the Payconiq app on their phone, your customers then create a user account and link the app to their current account. To enable customers to pay on your business premises with Payconiq, they need to:

Launch the app
Scan the QR code and your business is selected automatically or select your business from a list. Look for your business in a list of addresses (the app has a geolocation feature, wich means that your business will apear at the top of the list)* 
Enter the amount due
Enter their own Payconiq PIN 

Payment is made instantly, and a record appears in your list of transactions. That's all there is to it. No need for a payment terminal.

* As long as this feature is enabled on the customer's phone. If not, they can look for your business using the search function.

Payconiq on the go

Let your customers make m-payments with the Payconiq app.

Often out on the road for your business or liberal profession? With Payconiq, you have the luxury of receiving payment even when you're out on location or paying home calls to customers or patients. All they have to do is either scan your QR code or use the search function to select your name in their Payconiq app. When payment is made, you will see it appear instantly on your own device.


Payconiq uses a highly secure transfer system, with every single communication between Payconiq and the banks being encrypted.  Not only are payments highly secure, user privacy is protected too.

Payments made using Payconiq are guaranteed, so whenever you receive confirmation that someone has paid, you can be 100% sure of getting the amount in question.

Is Payconiq something for you?

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Payment terminals at KBC

Payconiq offers you a convenient and fully mobile payment system that can supplement a payment terminal on your business premises. Find out more about the different options.

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