Surefire success using your payment terminal


Surefire success using your payment terminal

Fixed payment terminal

Yomani is above all suitable for counter-top use.

Connection via Internet cable or Wi-Fi

The terminal has cable or Wi-Fi Internet connectivity.

Choice of renting or buying

You can choose to rent or purchase the terminal.

Fill in the appointment form

If you’re already with us, your application will be fast-tracked. Complete the application form or contact KBC Live. As soon as your contract is ready, you can sign it easily online in KBC Touch, KBC Mobile or KBC Business Dashboard.

Why choose Yomani?

Receive payments in a user-friendly way with a payment terminal that uses innovative technology. A better service for your clients, a clear overview for you. KBC Yomani adds value sitting on your counter.

Who is it for?

Do you want to process payments even faster in your business, for all payment methods? And always have a clear overview of transactions? Then KBC Yomani is the ideal solution.

Receive payment with a payment terminal

Here's how it works

Discover some smart technology

KBC Yomani is a fixed terminal that can work via cable or WiFi. Useful: it can read electronic meal vouchers/eco vouchers, e-ID cards, as well as payment and credit cards.

Extra! Do you deposit the revenue you receive through your payment terminal into a KBCbusiness account? Then you will save 15 euros each year on the management fee for your KBC Business Compact or KBC Business Convenience.

Contactless payments for your clients

On the left-hand side it has an NFC reader. This allows you to collect contactless payments  so your client does not need to enter their card into the terminal. They simply scan it across the NFC reader, and that's it. Your benefit? It is both quicker and cheaper. 

Benefit from fast payments with KBC Yomani

Rent or buy? Your choice!

Always included

  • Counter-top terminal with printer
  • Technical support contract and software license for the payment terminal
  • Subscription for processing debit card transactions (Bancontact, Maestro, VPay) and credit cards (Mastercard, Visa)
  Standard Rental Rental Buy
KBC price 25.64 euros/month (includes 5.14 euros discount/month) 46,23 euros/month 599 euros (includes more than 30% discount)
Modules Without a merchant unit Includes merchant unit Includes merchant unit
Includes merchant unit
Free basic service with on-site support within 3 working days Free and full service with on-site support within 24 hours Full service with on-site support within 24 hours for 14,35 euros/month. The first year is free

Need help with the installation? Ask your KBC business agent if you want a technician on-site. This will cost you a supplement.

Fast payments, satisfied customers: fill in the appointment form

Your quality guarantee

At KBC you enjoy another benefit with your payment terminal. During the 3 month trial period, we guarantee you quality and flexibility. Renting the terminal? Then you pay no rent for the first 3 months. If you buy the KBC Yomani you can cancel the purchased terminal free of charge within the 3 month trial period.

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