Get started with KBC Business

Install the app by following these steps

Get started with KBC Business

Install the app by following these steps

1. What you need for KBC Business

To use our app for business banking, all you need is:

* You must be registered as a user in your company's Business Dashboard to receive approval. If you have not been registered, the administrator can add you as a user (using your client number and name).

2. Register for KBC Business

Registering for KBC Business can be done in the Business Dashboard. Your company's Business Dashboard administrator is the only person who can register you.

Select ‘Administration’ in the Business Dashboard, then ‘Manage users’, ‘Select user’ and 'Add application’. Your administrator can then add a KBC Business user and request your activation codes.

3. Receive the necessary activation codes

When your administrator requests your activation codes in the KBC Business Dashboard, your user ID will be sent immediately to their ‘Reports’ facility.

We will send you the QR code for activating the app. When registering your details, the administrator indicates how you are to receive these activation codes:

  • In your ‘Reports’ facility in your Business Dashboard
  • By post to your personal address (takes a maximum 10 days)

4. Download the KBC Business app

Once you have the activation codes, you can download the app.

Download KBC Business to your smartphone

5. Get started!

Once you have installed the app, enter your user ID and scan the QR code to activate it. You can then set a 5-digit PIN of your own choosing.

Tip: You and several colleagues can use KBC Business on the same device. When one person logs off and closes the app, another can log in (each person has to use his or her own PIN).

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