Bonds service

All the factors for successfully investing in a selection of bonds

Bonds service

All the factors for successfully investing in a selection of bonds

Varied range

You choose from a generous range of bonds with different currencies and maturities.

Sophisticated strategy

Our approach proactively tracks movements in exchange and interest rates.

Strategist at your service

You can call swiftly and easily on the expertise of our bond strategist.

With a clear view of interest and exchange rates, we’ll keep you up to date with the bond market.

Wide range of attractive bonds

Are you looking for a high-quality supplement to the more defensive portion of your investment portfolio? With KBC Private Banking, you can draw on a wide range of attractive individual bonds.

You can choose at KBC Private Banking for bonds with different maturities and currencies, from both the primary and secondary markets. The selection criteria we use, include:

• The liquidity of the issue;
• The amount of accrued interest;
• The size of the denominations. 

Bond expert at your service

Jan, our bond strategist, works painstakingly on your behalf. Based on a solid insight into interest and exchange rates, he builds up a clear vision of individual bonds. (Video in Dutch.)

Discover our actively managed bond selection.

Are you looking to invest defensively? Falling interest rates have generated a handsome return for bond investors in recent years. But that doesn’t make the right choice of bonds any easier.

The KBC Private Banking Active Bond Selection is the ideal way for you to respond swiftly to market opportunities. You can consult a portfolio overview of the selection online every day. We also supply you with regular reports.

What you need to know about this bond selection

  • The fund* has no maturity date and does not offer capital protection.
  • The fund* has a risk and reward indicator: on a scale of 1 (low risk, potentially lower return) to 7 (high risk, potentially higher return) 

Classic shares CAP class

Classic shares DIV class

Classic shares INSTITUTIONAL B SHARES class

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