Wealth Management

Understanding your wealth in its entirety

Wealth Management

Understanding your wealth in its entirety


Like your business assets, your family wealth is unique. It has a dynamic all of its own where each component interrelates with all the others. A decision for one thing has an impact elsewhere. Protecting, managing and growing all of this requires a solid understanding of your financial situation – both personal and business-related – in its entirety. With KBC Wealth, you can count on the competence and commitment of your wealth officer and his/her team in the Wealth Office. We will ensure that you are surrounded by a personal group of experts who focus on digital solutions that are tailored to your needs.

A long-term relationship of trust

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What plans and (financial) objectives do you have for your wealth? How do you and your family see the future, based on your situation today and your experiences of the past?

By getting a thorough idea of your situation and focusing on optimum support and solutions, your wealth officer is able to concentrate fully on building a lasting relationship of trust. Listening carefully, and offering and discussing solutions allows us to look forward and anticipate together.

Personal, business and financial. Have the right people around you.

Whether it's in the business world or your private life, it's important to have the right people around you. As confidential adviser and unique contact person, your wealth officer will ensure that you always get to meet the right experts. He or she works closely with a dedicated team of experts from various departments at KBC and, if appropriate, with experts from outside the bank too. Each one with their own speciality, but perfectly geared to one another. In this way, we can provide comprehensive solutions for your family wealth and for tax-related matters – ideal for assets of 5 million euros or more – ranging from inheritance to private equity.

If you would like personal guidance to help you achieve your financial goals, call us on +32 2 307 14 00 or send an e-mail to kbc.wealthoffice@kbc.be.

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