Figures and ratings

Figures and ratings

Our ambitions lie behind our figures. Because like your wealth and assets, we too have our own story to tell. And that's something we like being transparent about.

From Belgian merger to European reference

What once started out small has grown on the international stage. KBC was created in 1998 following the merger of two Belgian banks (the Kredietbank and CERA Bank) and a Belgian insurance company (ABB).
Today, the group is active in its six core markets of Belgium, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria and Ireland. We proudly boast:

• 11 million customers
• 1 500 bank branches
• 42 000 employees

We firmly believe that our company culture, strategy and the efforts of our staff are key to earning, keeping and growing the trust of our clients, giving us the capacity to become the reference in our core markets.

The figures prove it: KBC is and remains a financially sound bank

KBC's net profit in 2017 was 6% higher than its year-earlier level. Our liquidity position also remained robust and our solid solvency position was reflected in a capital ratio* of 16.3%, well above the 10.6% requirement of the European Central Bank and the National Bank of Belgium. In other words, our positive results and strong capital buffer form a solid base for the future.

International awards for KBC Private Banking

Our aim as a private banker is to inspire, boost and stimulate those who count on us, day after day. What we do is enable you and others like you to grow, helping make your dreams come true and then protecting those dreams.

Indeed, this philosophy has received due recognition and appreciation in the professional world. The Financial Times has named KBC Private Banking the ‘Best Private Bank in Belgium’ on 5 separate occasions. And we have received no fewer than five Euromoney Awards in seven years from the prestigious London-based banking magazine of the same name.

Focus and care for society

As a large company, we can also use our operations to help shape society, which is precisely what we aim to do in the area of sustainability. The KBC Report to Society contains everything you need to know about our sustainability targets.

Check out KBC’s figures and ratings for yourself.

* Common equity ratio, group (Basel III, fully loaded, Danish compromise method – definition in the annual report)

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