Inheritance planning with forthright commitment


Inheritance planning with forthright commitment

Get a clear view of what lies ahead. Before you set out.

Each step of the way, we induct you into your role as a start-up philanthropist.

Relax in the knowledge you've got sound guidance.

You'll get to-the-point advice, including on tax and legal aspects.

We promise you an approach that's comprehensive in every detail.

Incorporating philanthropy into your financial plan is assured.

Philanthropy? The word comes from Greek and what it means is 'for the love of man'. Of course, what it stands for is consciously choosing to invest in projects that do service to the general good.

Philanthropy: focusing on the added value


Philanthropic investments can take the form of a donation of funds or you may instead decide to give freely of your skills and experience. And therein, above all else, lies their difference from classic gifts to charity: a broader strategy, greater depth. The reason's simple: classic good causes aim to resolve a pre-defined problem; a philanthropic approach grasps the issue by its very roots. A prime example is investing in cancer research.

Without question, it is still worthwhile to support good causes; but, to a large extent, it's a route that leaves you wrestling with manifestations of a social problem as well. Philanthropy gets you down to the root cause of an issue and spurs you towards its remedy.

Finding a trustworthy partner for your philanthropy project

Perhaps your choice is to give of your time and experience for the benefit of a good cause or maybe you'd sooner donate funds. In KBC Private Banking, you'll find a partner whose involvement is real. We'll be glad to help get you started in your new-found role as a philanthropist.  

First and foremost

During the start-up phase, we act as your sounding board on matters like:

  • Who is it that you want to help?
  • What initiatives are already up and running?
  • What kind of results are you wanting to see?
  • Will you yourself be rolling up your sleeves?
Each step of the way, there will be questions on which we'll be glad to give you our active input.

A brief summary of phase two

In the second phase, we sit down with you and go through the possibilities that present themselves in terms of tax and inheritance planning.

  • Inheritance tax and how it affects your plans
  • Are you able to use the split bequest technique (or 'duo-legaat' in Belgian law)?
  • Is a tax refund available for your donation?
  • Are your legal heirs provided for?
  • Do you plan writing a will (it's advisable)?

Our tax specialists can explain all the ins and outs to you.

The overall plan of action

Of course, we will take a step back to view the construction in its entirety and ask how far philanthropy constitutes a good strategic fit within your overall financial planning. We figure out what timing is optimal and what size of donation is appropriate, taking account of your future income and expense flows.

And, finally, if you wish, we can provide you with useful references to organisations such as the King Baudouin Foundation, with which we enjoy a close working relationship, or to other institutions of your choice.

KBC itself also supports a number of worthy causes, thereby helping our colleagues to make good on their commitment to society. So, there you have it: KBC Private Banking. Ready when you are to help turn your social benevolence into practical results.  

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