Real Estate Service

Your up-to-the-minute take on the property market

Real Estate Service

Your up-to-the-minute take on the property market

Never miss an opportunity

Keep right up to date with every property market opportunity, for both direct and indirect investments.

Always up to date

You know exactly how prices are moving. In both Belgium and abroad.

Sophisticated strategy

We can do more together. Our expert follows a holistic approach and likes to see things through your eyes.

Want to invest in a second home? Or are you a seasoned investor looking to broaden your portfolio? Whatever your situation, KBC Private Banking closely tracks the real estate market in all its facets.

Investing directly or indirectly in property? Never miss an opportunity

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Should you invest in bricks and mortar or in a property fund? This might well be your first question when looking to invest in real estate.

Investing in a building is the most familiar approach: you buy the property, rent it out, receive the rental income and look forward to a potential capital gain on sale. It’s up to you to manage your properties.

If you invest in real estate funds, you put your money in one or more construction projects and have less or no management or follow-up to do yourself. This way, you also gain access to part of the property market that is normally hard for an individual investor to tap because of the substantial investments required. What’s more, you get to enjoy an attractive return. But you can also switch funds quickly if you want to take advantage of new trends in the market.

In short, investing in real estate depends on various factors. So it’s a question of clearly defining your investment goals in advance.

Investing directly or indirectly in property? Our expert tracks the property market for you and keeps you informed of every relevant opportunity.

Questions about real estate? From prices to trends, you’ll find the answers in our report

How about investing in apartments on the Spanish Costa? Or would you rather stick to property developments on Belgian soil this year? KBC Private Banking shares its real estate strategy with you every six months. Our conveniently presented report keeps you clearly and specifically informed about:

• Trends in real estate supply and demand, broken down by region
• Property price movements by region
Shifts in the real estate market, including the financial aspect
Trends and other elements to track in the property market

This comprehensive briefing means you always know exactly where you need to be to invest in real estate.

Your experience and ours: a combination that works

Strategic real estate decisions aren’t always obvious. Should you invest in property privately or through your business? And what form of finance is the most tax-efficient? At KBC Private Banking, we work with you closely. Because your experience, the expertise of our real estate strategist and the knowledge of your private banker are the ideal ingredients for a genuine success story.

Investing in real estate? Get the best advice.

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Real Estate Service

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Real Estate Service

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