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  • Your wishes are carried out just the way you want
  • Advice on how to avoid high inheritance tax rates
  • A clear view of your assets and how they will be divided after you pass away
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Inheritance planning involves drawing up a plan to help you structure your assets and ensure they are divided as you wish. This plan is created based on your wishes for your loved ones and gives you a clear view of how your assets will be divided after you pass away. We will help and support you every step of the way to ensure peace of mind for you and your heirs.

What you can expect from us

  • Accurate and relevant information tailored to your needs and wishes
  • Relevant updates on inheritance tax
  • A reliable second opinion as recommended by your external adviser or notary public

Further details of your inheritance planning service

Are you single, a widow or widower, de facto cohabiting, legally cohabiting or married? Your marital status is one of the determining factors in who is designated as the legal owner of the assets.

Some questions you may have:

  • We built on land gifted to my spouse. Who owns the land and who owns the building?
  • I am married and have received an inheritance or a gift. Who owns these assets?
  • During my marriage, I set up a company. Who owns the shares?
  • I am planning on getting married. Do I need a marriage contract?

You will find the answers to these questions and plenty of other useful information in our Guide to Inheritance Planning.

To determine who will inherit what, let’s take a closer look at your personal situation.

Who your heirs are and what they inherit from you is generally determined according to the law of inheritance of your tax residence. If you have children, your spouse would normally only inherit usufruct of the estate under Belgian law of succession. If you do not have children, in certain situations your spouse would be entitled to a share in the family estate. If you are single and you do not have children, your estate would normally be divided among your parents and siblings. These are just a few straightforward examples. There are, of course, far more complex scenarios. Should you require any advice or assistance, our estate planning experts are here to help you.

You will find plenty of useful information in our Guide to Inheritance Planning.

We will work out the amount in taxes your heirs are liable to pay on your assets after you pass away. This depends on your tax residence.
If you live in Belgium, the tax is levied in the jurisdiction where you resided the longest during the last five years prior to your death. If you own assets abroad or if your heirs live abroad, this may have tax and legal implications.
If you live abroad, your heirs will only be liable to pay transfer duty on your Belgian real estate. We will help you work out all the details.

You will find plenty of useful information in our Guide to Inheritance Planning.

What if the legal division of your assets is not in line with your wishes or you want to pay less inheritance tax or transfer assets while retaining control over them? We can help you get a head start on your inheritance planning, tailored to your situation, needs and wishes. We will review your options with you with no immediate impact on your assets (such as drawing up a will, drafting a lasting power of attorney, arranging inheritance tax insurance) as well as any options with an immediate impact on your assets (for instance, making a gift).

You will find plenty of useful information in our Guide to Inheritance Planning.

Net zoals de wetgeving, kan uw persoonlijke situatie en uw vermogen wijzigen. We staan voor u klaar om uw vermogensplan regelmatig met u te actualiseren.

Hebt u vragen over (de overdracht van) uw onderneming? Onze ondernemingsadviseurs helpen u graag verder.

You will find plenty of useful information in our Guide to Inheritance Planning.

Friendly service, great advice, accurate and to-the-point information.
During a personal meeting with Els, you immediately feel at ease to discuss confidential matters. She takes the time to go into the finer details and carefully explain everything to you.
Meticulous preparation, excellent explanation. She really took the time to go over things with me again that were unclear to me at first. I was given useful and relevant information on matters I hadn’t even considered yet.
Excellent advice on succession law and inheritance tax.

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