An investment strategy tailored to you

An investment strategy tailored to you

What is happening in the world and what consequences are there for the financial markets?

What does this mean for you in practice?

Our experts base their investment decisions on events in the economic and financial world, as well as on their outlook for specific regions, sectors and themes.

To ensure you remain firmly in your comfort zone should the stock markets become volatile, you have the option of adding two dimensions:

  • When there is volatility on the financial markets, the fund managers can switch part of the portfolio to less risky investments, such as cash, and so limit the downside risk for you.
  • When there are clear trends on the financial markets and shares are outperforming the bonds or vice versa, the fund managers can use part of the portfolio to increase holdings of the best-performing asset class (shares or bonds) and sell the worst-performing one (bonds or shares), and so achieve the best possible return for you.

We are all different, not only as individuals, but also in the way we look at our investments. Especially when it comes to periods of volatility and loss. During such periods, it's not about 'The situation on the stock market is making everyone feel uncomfortable', but rather 'When is the situation on the stock market going to make me feel overly uncomfortable?'.

At KBC, we take into account your individual wishes and needs. We adjust the mix of shares, bonds and cash in such a way that you can invest and stay invested without any worries, ensuring you remain in your personal comfort zone at all times.

How can you keep up to date?

KBC Mobile en KBC Touch

KBC Mobile and KBC Touch are the ideal smartphone, desktop or tablet apps for keeping tabs on your assets and investments.

They give you an up-to-date and detailed view at all times of how much your investment portfolio is worth, how it is made up and how it is performing.
Our apps are very user-friendly, easy to navigate and enhanced with clear graphs.

Never miss an event again that is of importance for your investment portfolio. We will alert you when new opportunities arise or when an investment reaches maturity.


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