Guaranteed-interest life insurance (class 21) products

Guaranteed-interest life insurance (class 21) products

Wide range of guaranteed-interest life insurance products

KBC offers a broad selection of guaranteed-interest life insurance products. Drop by and we’ll see which one suits your needs best.

Tax-efficient saving

These types of insurance can offer a tax break of up to 30% on the amounts saved, depending on your personal situation.

Attractive return

Enjoy a fixed and secure interest rate in addition to the possibility of an annual non-guaranteed profit share.

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Security and an attractive total return

If you’re looking for a secure way to save, guaranteed-interest life insurance is a good option. This is a flexible form of saving where you get a fixed interest rate on each deposit, after deducting any taxes and entry charges. Depending on the economic situation and the insurer's operating results, a variable non-guaranteed profit share is also possible.

Tax relief

Some guaranteed-interest life insurance products qualify for tax relief, which can give you a tax saving of up to 30% on the amounts saved.

Tax-efficient saving for later (classed as long-term saving) can even net you up to 2,450 euros per year, depending on your professional income. You can still enjoy this tax benefit during your retirement, provided that you keep paying sufficient taxes.

The maximum amount of savings eligible for tax relief depends on your personal situation. If you have received tax relief on a saved amount, you will pay taxes on the final capital. Depending on the system that gave you tax relief, you pay tax on your pension savings or long-term savings. You pay this tax on your 60th birthday, or 10 years after the start of the contract if you were over 55 when you entered into the contract. The tax treatment may change in the future. Read more about the fiscal maximum amounts for pension saving.

You can also combine pension saving and long-term saving.

Optional death cover

Death cover can also be included in any guaranteed-interest life insurance. This allows you to protect your next of kin in the event of your death. This may be worth considering if you’re taking out a home loan. The premiums for this supplementary cover are taken each month from the savings you have built up in your guaranteed-interest life insurance.

You choose the beneficiary who receives the accumulated capital upon your death. When dealing with tax contracts, be sure to take into account the conditions for obtaining the tax benefit.

What does guaranteed-interest life insurance cost?

  • Most guaranteed-interest life insurance products call for a one-off insurance tax of 2%. Pension saving is exempt from this tax.
  • You pay an entry charge of 5% on the net premium (after deduction of insurance tax).
  • KBC does not charge an annual management fee on guaranteed-interest life insurance products.
  • You only pay withholding tax if you choose to withdraw capital within the first eight years of the term. Many other investment products require this withholding tax to be paid regardless.

Guaranteed-interest life insurance products at KBC