First 'get-to-know-you' meeting

What to expect?

First 'get-to-know-you' meeting

What to expect?

Choosing a professional partner to look after your wealth and your banking and insurance matters requires considerable thought. We understand that very well. Which is why you can come to us to test the waters first.
Wholly without obligation and with total discretion.

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Forget the red tape for a moment

As we said, this is all about a first, non-binding introduction. We want to give you all the space and time you need – to test the waters, but also to tell us your story. You don’t need to prepare or gather all sorts of documents first. We want to offer you a good conversation – one where you get to speak and to ask all the questions you might have.

Your story at the heart of it all

What steps have you already taken? How did they turn out? How would you go about things the next time? In short, you talk and we listen carefully.
Because it’s only by hearing exactly what you’re saying that we can get to the essence of your story. We then build on that: what fresh opportunities are there for you? What, in other words, can we do for you in the future?

After our conversation:

• You’ll have a clear picture of our services and rates.
• You’ll know precisely which experts are there to serve you.
• You can decide what to do at your leisure.

Decide at your leisure

We’ll give you all the time and space you need not only to tell your story, but also to think things through. We know that choosing a bank isn’t easy. And if you still have questions, don’t hesitate to ask them. Or come along for a second talk. And who knows? Getting to know each other this way might just be the first step towards a long-term relationship of trust.

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