Inheritance planning for entrepreneurs

A complete audit of your assets thanks to KBC Business Owner Scan

Inheritance planning for entrepreneurs

A complete audit of your assets thanks to KBC Business Owner Scan

Solutions for each stage

Appropriate solutions for each stage in your life and those of your close relatives and your business.

Comprehensive analysis

The KBC Business Owner Scan analyses your private as well as your business assets.

Single point-of-contact

Our private banker is thoroughly acquainted with your situation and has a team of financial planners to call on.

As an entrepreneur, you know what it feels like to give it all you’ve got to see your firm grow. Perhaps the fruit of all that hard work is a flourishing family business? And are your children helping to steer it too? Precise financial planning is crucial in order to protect your carefully nurtured business at every step along the way.

From start-up to handover: an appropriate solution at each moment

Successieplanning voor ondernemers

Your company has a life-cycle, just as you do. From start-up to handover – fresh issues arise at every stage.

• What are the benefits and drawbacks of investing in real estate through your business?
• Is your group structure as good as it could be, or should you consider restructuring?
• How can you extract generated profits from your business in a tax-efficient way?
• What should you bear in mind when transferring or selling your business?

We aim to provide you with an appropriate solution to each of these questions. To achieve this, we’re firmly committed to an integrated approach, with the KBC Business Owner Scan.

The KBC Business Owner Scan: an audit of your overall assets

Do you own your own business? If so, the KBC Business Owner Scan can provide you with a complete and thorough audit.

Based on your personal situation, we analyse your overall wealth. We determine the optimum breakdown between private and business in legal and fiscal terms. Account is also taken of inheritance and pension issues. In this way, we can substantially optimise your assets.

What began as an exercise in asset management ended up as so much more. Something we hadn’t really thought about before, but which turned out to be absolutely necessary. With their total approach, KBC Private Banking went that step further. After all these years, KBC Private Banking’s proactivity is still something we really appreciate.

Dirk (62) en Aline (59), owners of a family transport business

Single point-of-contact

Like you, we’re convinced at KBC Private Banking that business and human insight are equally important. That’s why our private bankers take the time to get to know your family and business situation thoroughly. You don’t have to talk to different people every time, because your private banker liaises with the financial planners on your behalf. What’s more, after every scan you receive a comprehensive report and a personal explanation.

Optimise your family and business assets?

Contact KBC Private Banking
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