KBC Inheritance Planning

Because your family is also an asset you need to cherish

KBC Inheritance Planning

Because your family is also an asset you need to cherish

You might not like to think about it, but what will happen to your assets or your business when you’re no longer around? If you don’t take action yourself, the law will decide who your heirs are and what share of your assets they’re entitled to.

A clear view, solid planning and effective solutions mean peace of mind, which we’re here to offer you.

Inheritance planning? Our experts are here to help

Our experts will keep you informed about estate planning and inheritance tax as the relevant legislation develops. They’ll explore the possibilities with you for transferring some or all of your assets. Or of organising your estate in such a way as to limit the inheritance tax liability.

We explain the benefits and drawbacks in each case, along with the applicable rates. You then choose the solution that’s best for you, while enjoying our expert guidance throughout the process, from the first time you put pen to paper to visiting the notary.

Inheritance planning: a few of the possibilities

Thinking about estate planning and inheritance tax? There are quite a lot of questions for you to consider. Do you want to pass your assets on? Transfer your business? Or would you rather leave them as part of your estate, while still seeking to minimise your heirs’ inheritance tax burden? Various options are available. We take a look here at the most important possibilities and the associated questions.

Option 1: Transfer by gift
Say you want to give away part of your assets during your lifetime. Simple enough at first sight, but several questions immediately arise. Can you gift real estate too? And how and when can you best organise gifts to your children? We’ll work with you to find the best solution for you and your beneficiaries.

Option 2: Transfer by will
What if your youngest child has helped you double the family business’s turnover, while your oldest spent their time abroad? What if you don’t draw up a will and each child receives the same, regardless of their respective efforts? Apparently fair shares can still be a source of tension.

A will enables you to deviate from the transfer rules laid down by law within certain limits. We’ll explore the possibilities with you, discreetly and expertly.

Option 3: Optimising your marriage contract
Your marriage contract plays an important role when it comes to the transfer of your family capital. You can save a great deal of inheritance tax in the long term by adjusting it. But can you do that purely for tax reasons? And above all, what will it cost? This is also something you can discuss with us.

Option 4: Optimisation through investment-type insurance
Investment-type insurance combines two possibilities: the investment of your assets and the transfer of those assets to a beneficiary. You can also change the beneficiary easily, without intervention by a notary. But which type of insurance would be best for you? We’re there to help you fulfil your wishes.

Would you like to plan your estate smoothly? We can help private individuals as well as entrepreneurs to do just that.

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