Protection, whatever befalls you


Protection, whatever befalls you

Single point of contact

Your own personal insurance expert knows your portfolio like no one else. Where necessary, they also switch in expertise from the agencies.

Extensive screening

Your expert will take a thorough look at your portfolio to avoid your having double cover or areas with no cover at all.

High-quality claim processing

If an event occurs that you want to claim for, we try to keep the time taken to process the file as short as possible.

Want to put your artworks up for exhibition without having sleepless nights as a result? Or to transport your horses to the stables without having to have concerns for their safety? Whatever you have a passion for, we make sure you're well insured whilst you're enjoying it. Because being optimally covered means you're free to concentrate on the things that really matter to you. From classic cars to jewellery collections: we have the right policy for every case.

A single point of contact for all your insurance

For your insurance affairs, you can count on having just one single point of contact. Your personal insurance expert is not just enthusiastic about what they do; they also know your portfolio through and through: you therefore have on hand an expert you can go to with all your insurance queries, whenever you wish. From requesting a claim form to settlement.

Insurance analysis: your guarantee of optimal cover

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Insurance is anything but one-size-fits-all. Thorough analysis and screening of your portfolio is needed to ensure optimal cover.

1. Together with you, we analyse all the relevant risks.
2. Your expert examines your existing policies and the cover you've contracted under them.
3. We draw attention to areas where you may have double cover.
4. We draw up a proposal with the essential forms of cover that you're missing.

In short: you could in the end save a great deal on your insurance without losing anything in cover.

From claim to settlement: swift and efficient

If an event occurs that you want to claim for, you naturally want the help you get to be given quickly. Which is why we set everything in motion to ensure your claim processing goes without a hitch. So, for one, you file policy claims direct with your expert, in person or using the app. And, where possible, we'll assign one of KBC's own loss assessors. These and other measures keep the claim-settlement turnaround time down considerably.

It goes without saying that your insurance agent will be there to advise you throughout the procedure. Their close personal contact keeps you fully updated at all times.

A few invaluable non-life insurance policies explained for you

When on holiday, at home or out and about. For you yourself, for family and even for your faithful four-legged friend. You take out non-life insurance for everything and everyone that counts. Here’s just a small selection:

• business property insurance
• policies for classic vehicles
• travel assistance insurance
• insurance for art collections
• family insurance
• horse policy
exclusive death cover

If you need bespoke insurance, look for a branch near you.

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