Return and risk

Return and risk

Investing not your thing? Even if you like to play it safe, investing can be a useful way to achieve a potentially higher return. Because investing well is about taking account of the risks, something KBC Private Banking is very good at.

Belgian market leader in investment

KBC is known as a bank for investors and is the market leader in Belgium for investment funds and insurance-linked investments. When you add the expertise of our Private Bankers and our other specialists into the mix, you can be sure of finding an investment solution that suits you.

Consistent, solid and prudent: an approach that really works

Our experts track the financial market closely so we can protect your wealth and help you grow it. Thanks to KBC Private Banking’s active management and continuous risk monitoring, your portfolio's assets are always allocated to take account of the economic scenario and your personal investment preferences. That’s how we strive towards achieving sustainable client relationships.

Our figures prove our value

Year**  Dynamic return* Defensive return*
7 jaar 33,1% 20,6%
2014 10,8% 9,3%
2015 5,5% 3,5%
2016 3,8% 2,9%
2017 4,2% 1,8%
2018 -7,5% -4,8%
2019 14,2% 7,7%
2020 -0,4% -0,7%

* Past performance figures are not a reliable indicator of future performance. They show performance in the form of net returns generated by KBC Asset Management's defensive and dynamic investment strategies (after charges have been deducted for the year in question). Only the first line is for six years (cumulative period). The net results (i.e. after charges) are for private investors whose tax residence is in Belgium. The only tax not included is the stock market tax that clients pay when they get out of their investment.
** The reference period for the annual performance is 7 January through 31 December, and the seven-year reference period covers 1 January 2014 to 31 December 2020.

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Bonds service

Do you want to invest in bonds? Our strategist will be happy to help you find your way around the current bond market.
Bonds service

Socially responsible investing at Private Banking & Wealth

Regardless of the investment formula that's right for you, you'll always be given the opportunity to make socially responsible investments at KBC Private Banking & Wealth.

• SRI funds perform just as well as traditional funds over the long term.  
That means you don't miss out on return by making this type of investment.

• Socially responsible investing enables you to contribute to a better
society for yourself, others and future generations.

Socially responsible investing at Private Banking & Wealth

Strategy Plus

Don’t lose sleep over your investments. Discover KBC Private Banking Strategy Plus

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Third-party funds

Like to spread your investment portfolio? Investment funds offered by third parties provide useful diversification.
Third-party funds