Strategy Plus

Peace of mind with the right KBC Investment Strategy for you

Strategy Plus

Peace of mind with the right KBC Investment Strategy for you

Detailed reports

You regularly receive clear, tailored reports on the status of your investments. You are also sent messages in KBC Mobile or KBC Touch each time the fund manager does something that has an impact on your portfolio.

Strategy is our strength

KBC pursues an investment strategy that is tailored to your investment profile.

Continuous risk monitoring

Our experts monitor your portfolio every day, under all circumstances.

By choosing Strategy Plus, you allow a team of experts to manage your investments for you. They act in accordance with the KBC Investment Strategy and take due account of your investment preferences and investment profile. What's more, knowing your wealth is in good hands leaves you with one thing less to worry about.

Your investment goals at the forefront

To make things as comfortable for you as possible, we get to know you first. After all, we want to be able to track your portfolio perfectly. What are your investment objectives? What is your investment profile? What is your personal financial situation? These are all essential questions that help us offer you the right Strategy Plus formula.

Broad offering of reliable funds

Once you’ve talked to your private banker, you can choose from a generous range of solid funds for different profiles, with or without floor protection. How about a fund as life insurance? Or an investment fund with the focus on sustainability? Almost everything is possible.

KBC Investment Strategy – the judicious investment approach

uitbesteding beleggingsportefeuille, opvolging beleggingen

The KBC Investment Strategy sets the standard for every fund. It is a strategy where experts take well-considered decisions based on:

• thorough financial analysis;
• the specific fund profile;
• the economic scenario.

Thanks to the active management and continuous risk monitoring provided by our investment specialists, the allocation of your portfolio can be adjusted at any time.

Sound right for you? If so, you won’t have to take any more investment decisions: your investments will always be aligned with your risk profile and your goals. 

Perfectly informed, whenever it suits you

It goes without saying that you are kept up to date. Thanks to instant messages in KBC Mobile and/or KBC Touch each time the fund manager does something that impacts your portfolio, comprehensive (online) reporting and regular contact with your private banker, you are able to keep close track of your investments. But only whenever it suits you.

Also for companies

Is your company sitting on cash it doesn’t need immediately? Our experts ensure that your business’s investments can also follow the KBC Investment Strategy flawlessly.

Other non-investment-related things to think about? We’ll be happy to deal with them for you.

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