Get guided by seasoned experts


Get guided by seasoned experts


Lombard or another kind of credit? We help you find the right loan.

Banking across generations

As a family bank, KBC Private Banking is there for you whenever you need us. Not just with financial advice, but extra benefits too.


Credit cards for the whole family? Free online banking with a tailored current account? Discover our payments service.

Institutional Wealth Guidance

Institutional Wealth Guidance is a specialist discipline. With our institutional banker on board, you have a partner to rely on.


Art collections, recreational horses and classic cars. While you enjoy them to the full, at the same time we make sure that your properly insured.

Family business in transition

Together, we’ll work towards a carefully planned transition between generations that will be an opportunity for your family business.

The liquidationreserve

Take money out of your business in a tax-efficient way

Got a question about your art or art collection?

Find out how the KBC Private Banking & Wealth can help you acquire, preserve and pass on art.