Your plan for the future

Planning for the future with full account taken of your wealth, dreams and passions

Your plan for the future

Planning for the future with full account taken of your wealth, dreams and passions

Your wealth is unique and so is your life.

That's why you always have your very own contact – your private banker or wealth officer – at KBC Private Banking & Wealth Office. He or she will ensure you have peace of mind and advise you on each facet of your wealth, ranging from portfolio management and inheritance planning to real estate and insurance matters. And we're now going a step further with a revamped planning tool.

Your dreams and passions are also unique

Not only inheritance planning is important for you, but also realising your dreams and developing your passions. Do I have the financial scope to achieve everything I want to achieve? What should I set aside for the children? How am I going to pay for a service flat later? These and other questions will be addressed at a meeting dealing with your plans for the future.

Wondering what your future plans might look like?

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The planning tool

Our innovative planning tool provides us with an overview of your income and expenditure, with due consideration given to your personal needs and wishes. This gives you an idea of what you could do with your wealth.

Your plans for the future


Planning for your future comprises an in-depth personal meeting and a clear analysis.

During an in-depth discussion, we ask questions covering eight or so areas, including your family and friends, your real estate, your gifts, your passions, your health and well-being, your finances, and your work and pension.

After answering these questions, you will receive your report for the future along with the financial analysis. You will see the cash flow stream where your priorities and dreams take shape due to funds being channelled at the right time to the pre-agreed goals.

The analysis gives you a visual idea of how your future is being financed, with account being taken of every aspect. When the group insurance benefit will be paid and when you need to dip into your portfolio to realise a plan are both clearly displayed.

Which of the eight areas cover your plans?

Your family and friends

There are some people you have a special bond with, and you want to take them into account in your plans.

Your real estate

Planning your dream home and other properties.

Your gifts

Charities, research, the environment and other socially relevant themes.

Your passions

It’s your passion, whether it’s collecting stamps or another exclusive occupation.

Your health and well-being

There’s no age limit on good health. Making the right provisions is good for the heart.

Your finances

Do you go for traditional investments, or for art, jewellery, commodities or vintage cars?

Your work and pension

Plan to keep working? Focus on your own business? When can you take a carefree retirement?


Your ideas maturing. Your plans taking shape. Your road-map for the future.

What makes the module extra special is that each calculation is put in the appropriate context.

Suppose you start with a certain amount of money. Within a few years, you achieve a certain return on that figure. We explain what the starting amount might be expected to have generated by then. Taking all possible factors into account, such as inflation, we provide clear information on the real value within a particular time period.

You receive personal advice from the relevant experts on each area of your planning



We don't draw up a plan for the sake of it, but return to it on a regular basis. These plans are made to be regularly re-examined, as well as to be adjusted to take account of the stage of your life you're at and changes that occur over the years. 

Wondering what your future plans might look like?

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