What is involved in preparing for your loan application?

What is involved in preparing for your loan application?

When you need to borrow money to start up your business or to finance expansion, you can contact your financial institution. But before you visit your bank branch or go online to apply for a loan, it's best to make a few preparations.

Preparing for a loan application: what to do.

When you apply for a loan for your company, you’ll be asked a few specific questions. For instance, you’ll be asked whether you have a company number and what line of business your company is involved in. It’s best to prepare for these types of question to ensure your application gets off to a smooth start.

Information you may be asked about when applying for a loan for your company or business:

  • The identity of the company based on its company number
  • The shareholder structure of your company and, if applicable, the group structure of the group the company belongs to
  • A description of the activities undertaken by the company and, if applicable, by the group
  • If applicable, information on the company's position within the group
  • Information on the sector in which the company/group operates and its position within the sector
  • Future prospects
  • Current (interim and detailed) financial results of the company and, if applicable, of the group
  • The budget for the period ahead
  • Information concerning lenders: details of outstanding loans with and security provided to these lenders (at corporate and group level) and any special commitments towards them that may affect the credit relationship with KBC (such as a prohibition on mortgaging, pledging and alienating, or financial or non-financial arrangements (covenants) with the lenders)
  • The purpose of the loan
  • If available, a valuation report of assets pledged to KBC
  • Description and valuation of new security and/or security providers
  • The social balance sheet, if applicable
  • Any other information KBC deems necessary to evaluate any agreed arrangements

Which type of loan suits my company?

If you can answer all the questions that are relevant to you, you can start applying for your loan. But which type of loan is best suited to your company? To help you decide, we’ve provided an overview of loans and credit facilities available at KBC!

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