View your supplementary pension on

View your supplementary pension on

Employees, the self-employed and civil servants can check the details and figures for their supplementary pension in At a glance, you know how much you've built up as pension reserves up till now. At the same time, communication on pensions is being brought into line with the new ways that are available to view it.

What is is the official online pensions portal. It gives details of your statutory pension rights. Starting at the end of 2016, it also gives you personal details of all the supplementary pension schemes registered in your name. The details you see always show your situation as at 1 January: so, throughout 2016, you see what your situation was on 1 January 2016.

Frequently asked questions

1. What information can I find in my online pension file?

Your personal pension file gives you a summary of your state retirement and supplementary pension plans. Anyone of Belgian nationality aged 18 or over can see their pension details there. You need your electronic ID card and use that with your PIN to log into your file.

Since January 2016, employees, the self-employed and civil servants have been able to go to mypension to find out the earliest date they can take retirement. In the meantime, more than 500 000 visitors and more have done exactly that. This folder tells you what additional information is available.

In 2017, the site will also get a new feature showing you an estimate of how much your state pension will be. By the end of 2017, it should also be possible to see what effect changing your career path will have on your pension, such as if you decide to quit self-employment and go and work as an employee. If you're already retired, also lets you monitor your pension allowances.

Starting the end of 2016, you can also view the 'aanvullend pensioen' (supplementary pension) tab. It tells you how much supplementary pension you've built up until now.

2. How do I get access to my online pension file on mypension?

With your ID card to hand, go to Once you log in you can go to the 'aanvullend pensioen' (supplementary pension) tab and see how much had been built up as supplementary pension on 1 January 2016. Get more info on how to log in here.

3. What information will I find on my supplementary pension on mypension?

Maybe you want to know the details of what you can expect in the way of pension promises registered in your name, or want to check whether there are any other pension schemes you've forgotten about. lets you check out how much supplementary pension you had built up by 1 January 2016. You get an overall list, an summary per work status (employed, self-employed, etc.) and detailed information on each scheme, including the value of your pension pot on 1 January and an estimate of the capital sum you're entitled to at maturity. In addition, your plan membership means you can request a detailed sheet per plan and read the plan regulations or agreement.

By law, you now also have to receive an annual pension statement on your active pension schemes, showing the situation as at 1 January. KBC is one of the first insurers allowing you to receive these statutory pension statements via This includes not just individual pension schemes or your voluntary supplementary pension at KBC but also group insurance.

4. How do I keep up to date when new documents are available?

If you want to be kept notified of new details that become available, we advise you to activate 'Mydocs' at mypension by entering your e-mail details under 'Mijn gegevens' (my details).

If you log in to as a plan member and complete your e-mail address under 'My details,' you will automatically receive the next pension statement (as per 1 January) for your KBC supplementary pension plan in your online pension file and you'll get an e-mail once the new details are available. You are also informed annually when new statements are available for your old, non-active schemes.

5. How do I activate ‘Mydocs’ in mypension?


  • Make sure you have your ID card handy and go to Then just follow the log-in instructions.
  • Click ‘Mijn gegevens’ (my details).
  • and enter your e-mail address.

6. I have a question about the mypension statement (as per 1 January) I've received.

The government has changed the layout of pension statements and the terms used. All Belgian pension funds and insurance companies now have to standardise how they present information about supplementary pensions. It will take some getting used to. gives you guidance in reading the new type of statement.

When you go online to view your pension file at, you can get further details in a range of ways. Each term is explained by clicking 'wat is dit?' (what's this?) You can also get answers to your queries by checking the FAQs section.

For more info on supplementary pensions in general, also look at and

For specific questions about the amounts reported in the statements, if you're a salaried worker you can ask your employer's HR department or, if you're self-employed (including as a company director), talk to your KBC Insurance agent.