Working capital insights

  • Gain insight into changes to your liquid assets
  • Get alerted to potential, future cash shortfalls
  • Only available in the KBC Business Dashboard
Activate the app in your KBC Business Dashboard

What is the ‘Working capital insights’ app?

The new 'Working capital insights' app contains algorithms that analyse your working capital so that you can use it more efficiently. The app is only available in the KBC Business Dashboard.

Everything you need to know about 'Working capital insights'

  • Our algorithm looks for patterns in your history, which allows us to forecast the situation for your liquid assets at KBC over the next 90 days.
  • Unlike models in ERP packages, we also take account of any of your credit lines, arrangements with KBC Commercial Finance and export documentary credit.
  • If you also share your incoming and outgoing invoices with us, your business gets better projections because the shared information helps make our model smarter.
  • The more data we have, the better the projection becomes. Bear in mind that, for the time being, we do not have your account details with other banks.
  1. See the most important info at a glance, thanks to a new widget on the homepage of your Business Dashboard.
  2. A consolidated overview at group level. You decide which companies to include in the group.
  3. Changes to your liquid assets at KBC over the past 365 days. You learn from your experiences of the past.
  4. A projection based on your data of how your liquid assets with KBC will change over the next 90 days/Prevent potential problems and act proactively.
  5. Solutions if we expect a deficit. Get suggestions such as how to get the most from your working capital finance.
  6. A complete view of your liquid assets at a glance:
    • Balances and funds on the KBC accounts you hold in Belgium and abroad
    • Credit lines – see right away how much credit you can still draw down
    • On demand finance – see right away how much financing you can still draw down
    • Export documentary credit with payment date within 90 days

If you're a Business Dashboard administratorjust activate it in your KBC Business Dashboard.
If you're not an administrator, ask an administrator to activate it for you.

Bear in mind that the app appears right away in your Business Dashboard, but it takes one day before all data has been processed and is displayed.